HEAVEN #2506 You Are a Beautiful Soul

When you consider that you are an honored guest on Earth, that you have been sanctioned by Me, will you not speak kindly about yourself? Will you not speak well of all? Will you shortchange anyone? Certainly not yourself. Give honor to My creation. Give homage, and that includes you and all the other habitués of the world. Speak well of Creation and Created Beings. God created you. I created you, not as a punching bag, but as a deliverer of Me to the world. I ask you not to restrict yourself. I ask you to uphold yourself as one who precedes Me into the world. Ring bells to herald a new world with you in it.

If you were an employer, and you sent a member of your staff to help a client, you would give good press about your employee. You would say to your client: "I am sending you a great employee. He will really show you how to do things. He is a High Being. You will feel great reward from the one I have chosen to send you."

And so, in talking to yourself, or talking about yourself, remember you are a key employee of Mine. No longer will you say anything to cloud your impression of yourself. No longer will you say things like: "I am lazy, tired, good for nothing today. I am sick and tired. I am fat. I don't know what to do. I have more troubles than I can count. No one understands me. I don't understand anyone. The world is a mess, and I am too."

Who wants to hear you drone on that way? Not even in silent speech to yourself will you speak that way. You are describing yourself. It is your advanced press. Speak Truth about yourself.

No longer speak or think ill of yourself. Consider that you are putting your photo in the newspaper with a worded description under it. You are placing a full-page ad. Choose a great photo and a great description. You are advertising yourself. Remember that it is My person you are talking about.

I do not ask you to brag to the world. I ask you to speak kindly. You are in My Presence, beloveds. You are talking to Me as you speak or as you think. Give Me a little gratitude for creating you. Give yourself a little gratitude. Speak well of My children. You are not the least. You are not the dregs. You are a beautiful soul I have sent to do great works for Me. You are a messenger of God. Uphold the messenger I sent. Do not make anyone tired with tired speech, and certainly not yourself. Roll out the red carpet for all My messengers, and walk on it yourself. You are a great messenger. Let yourself know that.

You are a forerunner in life. You are like a printer who picks out vibrant colors for a magazine ad. You ask yourself which colors work well here, and those are the colors you choose.

In talking about yourself or in talking to yourself, choose the vibrant colors. No more drab gray. Only bright sparkling colors that will enchant all those who come before you or follow you. You are leading the conga line, beloveds. You are setting the course for others to follow. You are creating a world. You are setting the tone for it. You make the music. Your music will circulate around the world. Consider the music you send out. Make it lovely.


Ishah 5th October 2007 12:22 pm

I Am...Yo Ham....i sended myself to earth...I choose to come to earth...
It is time to meld ur godself within ur humanself and be the humanGod on earth...
I am not playing the old game anymore of finding and looking outside of me if GOD is outside of Me.It is In me cause I AM.


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