HEAVEN #2507 In the Guise of Human Being

There are times in life when you do play a role. You are businessman or schoolteacher or student. You are husband or wife, mother or father, or child. These roles are part of life, and you change from one to another. At the same time, you are not your roles. They are an assumed semblance of you. You are like a stream that runs through a forest or valley. You are an underlying theme of yourself. You are utterly a Human Being, and you are unflaggingly a soul. Your soul is the solid dimension of you, and it runs through your life. You are far more than any demonstration or image or concept of yourself.

Play your roles well. As an actor on stage, give your role your all. Yet all the while, know that you are playing a part, and that you are more than the part you play. You are a many-splendored thing. You walk the Earth as you soar in Heaven. You walk and fly at the same time. You sleep and fly at the same time.

Every now and then you allow yourself a glimpse at the fullness that you are. Every once in a while, you fathom the fathomless about yourself. You begin to know Who you are, and your heart sings forth in love. That is when you begin to have a clue.

Love is limitless. It knows no bounds. Since you are love, you are limitless. You are unbounded. Pay attention to this unboundedness that you are. Even within limits, you are unbounded.

You are a continuum. There is no stopping you. Despite everything, despite yourself, you are Unboundedness Supreme.
You are not a fledgling learning how to fly. You already know how to fly. You pretend to yourself not to know. You may have convinced yourself that you are less than I say you are. You may have convinced others. Yet all your convincing has nothing to do with the Truth of Who you are. You can cover it up. You can disguise it. You can take pot shots at it, but you cannot change it.

One day you will dare to notice and explore and expand the artificial boundaries of yourself, and all the self-imposed boundaries will no longer be. All boundaries are self-imposed. Ignore them. Now come to accept that you are to accept yourself in the golden light you are encapsulated in. Now come to see what you have preferred not to see. You have feared that your life would change at the same time you have half-desired it to change. You have not been able to make up your mind.

What if you are truly an angel sent to Earth in the guise of Human Being? If you accepted that, what then? What would change? Certainly you would look out through different eyes. You would see beyond all the physical you have been accustomed to gaze upon. Your would see the reality of possibilities. You would take off. You would be grounded in Reality. You would be solid in light. You would see the light of love that surrounds you and everyone.

When you are asleep, you may or may not remember your dreams. Whether you remember or not, you have been dreaming while you slept. More than that, you have transcended sleep, and you have been giving bright light to the world. You have been healing the world. We know that which heals is love, so In your sleep you have been handing out great love light, and it burns brightly. You are already lighting the world and showing it what it is truly capable of. Now it is for you to learn.


Laura Best 7th October 2007 7:14 am

Thank you for doing this every day! LB


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