HEAVEN #2509 A Pleasure Dome of HAppiness

What keeps you away from great joy? What is it that, when you see beyond it, you will know only full and pure joy? What keeps you back? I will tell you. It is your sighting of imperfection and citing it as such. You name a manner or appearance as flawed. The flaw is the splinter in your eye.

Nothing needs to change but your perception. Your perception is flawed, beloveds. The day will come when you will see through or beyond what you now see as imperfection. When you see a scar, for example, you won't sort it out in your mind as a flaw. You will merely see a scar, and your attention will not be drawn to it. Any mark of the physical will not disturb you because your attention will be drawn to the bright light of inner being that shines forth. Your eyes will see the scar. Your mind will not identify the scar as a mark that damages appearance. You will not conclude, therefore, that the scar is wrong to be there. You will not conclude that it is an impediment to good looks or anything. A scar will be a scar, a symbol of a wound healed. By the same token, height will reflect an objective measurement and not stature. Attributes will not be added on to anything. Everything will be what it is.

There will not be negative assessment, nor will there be positive assessment. Gold and diamonds will be enjoyed for what they are, as will yellow flowers and shining lakes be equally enjoyed. Is this not joy? Is this not joy untrammeled?

There will not be assessment, for assessment means a value judgment. You already know what I think of judgment. You will enjoy more and be much more flexible without judgment. If your back pains you, it may be that you are rigid with judgment. This has been the lot of My children on Earth, to be stiffened in judgment. Choose meltingness over stiffness, and your rigid sense of self-righteousness will dissolve. You will no longer be so dismayed by the relative world. It is the physical that dismays you. If there were not bodies that seemingly get in your way, what could there be to dismay you? You would see a beautiful incredible world. Surely the world is a stage set for a King.

This world is here for you to enjoy, not to pick at. Dwell less on what seems to intervene in your enjoying more, and you will enjoy more. Do not cast aside the world and the beating hearts that dwell in it. Make the world a better place merely by your presence in it. Be pleased, and you will please. Be content, and you will create contentment. You will make the world a Pleasure Dome of Happiness.

Oh, beloveds, how powerful you are. Much too powerful to nitpick. Much too powerful to abstain from the acceptance and reality of love. Let your eyes be eyes of love. You have looked upon such eyes, and you know the ease and blessingt they gave you. You have never forgotten it. Now give that immortal gift to others. Let others bask in the sunlight of your love.

Why not? What are you saving your love for? No longer look askance at the world. Look at it as yours. This is your world. This is your habitat. Make it lovely. Do your part. Never mind what needs straightening up somewhere else. Straighten up your own life. Never mind what garden needs weeding. Whether it is your own garden, or someone else's, enjoy it anyway.



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