HEAVEN #2510 Speak for Yourself

You are not to be rash, nor are you to dilly-dally. Take action. Unless you take action, you are waiting. As you wait, you debate. As you wait and debate, energy is wasting. There are many things that don't require waiting nor even deciding. If you want a glass of water, get one. If someone else needs a glass of water, give it to them. If someone needs help crossing the street, do not consult your astrologer. Nor do you need to consult Me at every turn. Make your own day-to-day decisions, beloveds. By all means, consult with Me, but do not ask Me about matters you can decide for yourself very well.

I never want you to think you bother Me, yet please do not bother Me about what dress to wear and other matters that are really up to you. These are your choices. If you ask Me what dress I think you should wear, My answer is: "That's up to you." "Wear the one you want to buy." I say, "It doesn't matter."

Remember I am within you. I am always at your service, but I am not at your beck and call. There is no need for you to query Me about every little thing. Nor, at the same time, do I want you to wait outside My door. Please knock and come in. Don't even knock. Come right in. You need no excuse to come to Me. You don't have to have a question. You don't have to bear a gift. You can say you just want to be with Me. Yes, be with Me. That's what I want. You know it. Let's be frank with each other.

When it comes to tiny questions, most of the time, you already know what your answer is. Most of the time, you already know what My answer is. I am your Mother/Father God, but I am not your mother that you have to ask for permission for every little thing. What to buy for supper is your decision. How much of a bill to pay - that's up to you. When to visit a friend, or send flowers, or do a good deed of any kind, it is no mystery what My answer is. You know I say, "Yes, by all means, go right ahead." You know My answer is, "Now." I do not ask you to procrastinate over what is already decided. I don't say, "Wait." I say, "The time is now." Beloveds, I am not here for you to hide behind. Do not hold Me nor anyone else responsible for your decisions. You are your own decider. Have confidence in Me, and have confidence in yourself.

Ah, a question where you require more understanding - that is a horse of another color. Ask Me to your heart's content. When there is something that feels like the right thing to do and you find you don't want to do it, talk to Me about what is in your heart. When you want to do something that doesn't feel right to you to do, tell Me your heart. When you feel awkward in a relationship, deluge Me. When you truly don't know what to do, tell Me about it. As you reveal to Me, you reveal to yourself. When you feel upset, even if over a little thing, tell Me, tell Me about your upset. By the same token, when your heart feels expansion and you are about to burst with joy, lay it all out for Me. There isn't anything you can't talk to Me about. Only don't ask Me to make decisions that you are perfectly capable of making yourself. You are always welcome, yet I am not a Ouija Board.

Ask Me what is in your heart, for it is your heart I speak to, not your mind.



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