HEAVEN #2511 Stars Shine on You

Be not beholden to the past. That includes your plans as well. Plans are made one moment, and plans are changed the next. Change of plans means nothing but change of plans. Do not read anything into it. Life is what it is. Sometimes life runs hot, and sometimes it runs cold, yet life is always life. Let it be what it is.

What happens or does not happen in life really does not make the huge difference you think it does. You are you regardless of the change of the seasons. Each season has its own beauty. What is changed when plans change? Only your predictions. You can't hold on to them, beloveds. There is nothing you can hold on to. Life moves beyond your very reach, and all you can do is go along with it. You can't slow it down, and you can't hasten it. You can get yourself in a tizzy, but that's about it. And why do that?

Have equanimity instead. Life in the world is a bouncing ball. It bounces this way and that. Sometimes life bounces right into your arms, and sometimes it escapes you. Who is to say that life has to do as you wish? Life is filled with detours. Why are you so surprised?

Life will inevitably lead you to Me. How much does it really matter whether you come to Me through hill or dale? What matters is that you come to Me. How do you know which is the fastest path to Me? How do you know that one way is better than another? How do you know anything, beloveds, except that I love you. That is the most you can know. You are loved by God. God loves you regardless of sea or land, smooth passage or rough. The simple fact is that I love you. Do you ask for more than that?

Why, yes, you do. That is, you ask for much less! You ask that your will be done. Confess, isn't that so? Perhaps you give only lip service to My Will be done. Come now, do you really want your will to prevail over Mine?

At the same time, do not think that I plan every move in the universe. My attention is on love and not plotting out all the details of your life. I have strewn all possibilities. Some you catch, and some you don't.. Who is to say that one possibility is better than another. Not you, beloveds, not you.

Stars shine on you. The sun smiles. Your heart beats. The physical realm, as important as it is to you, is not really all that important. You are the river stream that runs through life. You are not so liable for what is external to you. A river runs where it runs, and what it passes by is not its essence. Remember you are the river, and not its embankments.

Your heart can crave one thing as well as another. Let your heart be open to changing directions. Let your heart accept humbly whatever occurs and whatever does not occur. You can be sure that treasure awaits you, perhaps right around the next turn. How will you know unless you go there?

Consider life a meal that is put before you. Everything set on the table may not be your favorite food or style, and yet you can eat everything served to you with good appetite and appreciation.

Beloveds, what else is there for you to be but glad and grateful? Be a good receiver.



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