HEAVEN #2512 Play Day

Make today a special play day. Even when you are at work, make it a play day. Work, and yet still make it a play day. This is an attitude, I speak of, is it not? An attitude toward your day. Sometimes, even when you play tennis, for example, you strain yourself. You are perhaps more intent on winning than on playing. Put enjoyment over everything else today. If you cannot enjoy today, what day can you enjoy? Do not wait for a better day.

Do not postpone enjoying. It is not new that your attitude can make or break your day. You always carry an attitude of one kind or another. Let your attitude be a cheerful one. And what does attitude mean anyway? It means how you look at what is to come or what has come. It is your frame of mind. It is your view of the world. It is your inclination, and it is your intention. Intend a day of joy.

The attitude you want is one that can allow others their free-wheeling space. It is consideration for others. Your view of the world travels everywhere. You do have a responsibility to develop a favorable attitude. Keep your attitude high. Win or lose, keep your attitude high. What a great gift to the world then is your attitude. Your attitude is a boon or a bane. The choice is yours.

No one can give you your attitude. Only you can make your life view what you will. Perhaps you haven't given much thought to this. Perhaps you have thought your attitude is to reflect what life tosses at you when it's the other way around. Life bases much of itself on your attitude. Your attitude is powerful.

What is attitude but a measurement of your thoughts? Attitude is your thoughts weighed on a scale. Thoughts become attitude become life. It is not meant to be life becomes attitude becomes thoughts. Perhaps you have been putting the cart before the horse.

Never mind that. Today is a new day. Rub your hands with joy. Contemplate the joy that is waiting for you today. Make the day pleasant for others, and pleasantness will accompany you.

Hurray for today! It has opened its doors for you and invited you in, and now you host the day. Treat the day as your guest. Make it welcome. Consider it. Attend to it. It is a precious thing, this gift of a day that you have before you. Make every day Sunday. Make every day, even at work, a day off. What is it a day off from? It is a day off from dissatisfaction. It is a day of ease. Whatever you are doing, make this day a day of ease. Work hard, and still be at ease. You can do it. Your attitude will do it for you. Nothing else will.

Today is a happy day for the asking. Ask yourself to make today a happy one. Splurge joy on today. There is more where today's joy comes from. There is enough for every day.

Look, the sun rose this morning for you. It rises every day on your behalf. Embrace the sunlight as you would a long lost relative. Embrace this day as yourself returned to you. Make merry. Ride a merry-go-round of love. Hop to it. Engage yourself in life today, and never stop.

Every day is connected to Me. Connect yourself to Me. We are connected, of course, but initiate the connection yourself. Our connection is joy. Our connection is love. Long live Our connection. Emblazon Our connection for the world, so the world may lift its head and be joyous also.



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