HEAVEN #2513 You Are a Being of Light

When you feel disappointed, it is yourself you are disappointed in. It is not that you expected too much of life. It is yourself you expected too much of. You expected that you would set the course of your life. Well, of course, you do, yet life often does not sing your tune. At times like this, you make too much of something and not enough of yourself. Why be deflated because of one thing or another? Give yourself more credit. You are not one of those figures at a fair that get knocked down every time they're hit.

Mastery over life does not mean that you have all the say over it. It means you are master of yourself. It means you look higher than the ground you walk upon. It means that you know nothing is to rebuke you. You are the one who decides how you will feel about life and its events.

You may decide to drive to San Francisco, and your car breaks down on the freeway. Is that cause for you to break down as well? Your car needs some help. Help will come. This is not catastrophe, beloved friends. This is inconvenience. Life is not always convenient. To you, a child of God, I suggest that you arise from the throes of inconvenience. Inconvenience signifies itself. It doesn't signify anything about you. It doesn't say you were in error to drive to San Francisco. It doesn't say life is out to get you. It says nothing but that your car needed some attention.

If you are driving to San Francisco, and you lose your way, what is lost, beloveds? You had an opportunity to see a part of the world you perhaps had not seen before. You have an opportunity to explore yourself. Have more than one card up your sleeve. In fact, throw away the card of dismay. It is of no use to you. Never use it. Do not keep it close to your heart, and you will never use it.

Dismay is old-fashioned. It is a hang-over from the past. Let dismay remain in novels. You have already walked through the fire of dismay, disturbance, discontent. Now walk through the Elysian Fields where you know that all is beauty, and all is well. Wherever you walk, let it be Elysian Fields. Put your shoulders back. Beloveds, there is no reason for anything to overwhelm you, not even for a moment.

You are a Being of Light. Your light is not blocked because of one thing or another. There will always be one thing or another, and you will always be the light you are. You may consider inconvenience as darkness, yet where your light shines, where can darkness be? Recall your own light, and let yourself see it. What goes on in your life is not - I repeat - is not more important than you. Let nothing come before you. Let nothing distract you from the light that you are. You are My light, darlings. Why on earth would you forget that and remember despair or anything like it? Remember Whose emblem you are. Remember Whose light you carry. What will disturb you then?

Your car broke down? Let it be a lark. Who says it cannot be. You get lost in your car? It means nothing. It certainly doesn't mean you are to lose your balance over it. You are not lost. You are where you are, and you know where you are. You are in this place you didn't mean to be in, but you are still you. How can you be lost? Just a change of venue, beloveds. A little thing.

Everything is little next to love. Consume yourself with love and let go of anything less. Remember love, and remember you are love. Never mind anything less.



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