HEAVEN #2514 Think God

You may feel so deeply how you need Me, and yet have you thought how much I need you? You are My hands and My feet. You serve Me, and you serve for Me. I think a thought, and you express it. You are My thoughts in action.

You seem to think you are a mere person on Earth, here just to serve your time, as if it were a penance to be alive in a Human body on Earth. The body has life, yet the body is not alive. You are alive within the body. The body is a simple conveyance. You may think it is more. That is like thinking a car is its body. What is a car without its engine?

I know why you don't comprehend your importance to Me. Somewhere along the line, someone said: "Shame on you!," and you felt the vibration of those words, and the words and its vibration made you feel small. You haven't stood back up to your full stature yet. Guilt was imposed upon you, and you took it to heart.

Take what I say to heart, beloveds. You are My heart and soul manifested in a Human body. You are a Created Being. You are created by God. The body is nice, but incidental. The real game goes on in the back room, as it were, yet you have been more focused on the bodily aspects than you are on the God aspects.

Whatever game you play, it is more than what it appears on the surface. Baseball is about more than a bat and a ball. Ping pong is about more than a paddle and a ping pong ball. A game is always more than its appearance. Much more is going on. All games have heart and soul as a major part of them. Everything deserves more credit than you give. You deserve more credit.

Your body is hired for a short time. It is just the cart that you ride in. It will not always be there, yet you will always be. Do not ignore and neglect the subtler elements of your existence. Remember you exist for Me.

Just as rivers and oceans exist for Me, you exist for Me. You have a glorious duty in your life. You must reveal Who you are, Who you really are. You don't have to mention My name. You have to demonstrate Me. In your life, demonstrate that there is a God in Heaven, and there is a God in everyone, a heart and soul that have great power and a great mission. It is not that you are to speak for Me. You are to live for Me. That is the reason.

I sent you forth into the world so that you would reveal Me. Now reveal Me to yourself. Find Me within, and unleash Me. Open the gates. Put up the flag.

Say: "God is here. God is everywhere. No less in me, and no less in you. We are all about God. Life is our good fortune, and we share our fortune. It is that simple. Think God, be God. I look up to God. Now I look up to Myself."

Everyone you meet has a soul from Heaven. There are no exceptions. This is a case of what you see is not what you get. When you see less than love, when you give less than love, you are denying your very existence. You have a true existence, and it is for you to live in the full light of day. Take those blinders off. Remove them once and for all. I say, "For all," not the least of which is you.



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