HEAVEN #2517 Heaven Consciousness

Do you think I take everything so seriously as you do? Do you think I take anything so seriously as you do? Do you think I am daunted by emotions and disappointments? Do you think I am daunted by death of the body? Do you think that if I spill milk, I cry?

If I am not daunted by spilt milk, must you be?

Today have the thought: "God has a sense of humor, and so do I."

The thing is: I don't need a sense of humor, but you do. What do I have to make a joke when the essence of life itself is supreme joy?

You might ask: "Well, God, aren't you daunted by war? Doesn't bloodshed daunt you? Doesn't unnecessary loss of life tear your heart apart even a little bit?"

Well, beloveds, war is not My desire, and I do not make light of it. On the other hand, I do not conceive of it as you do. Even in what you see as the enemy, I see determination and caring and dedication, even when it is different from what you and I may be dedicated to. I do see in a different light than you do. I see how you feel, and I see that what you are looking at is not what I am looking at. When you come from the height of Heaven consciousness, you will see differently too.

When you can see only what is in front of you and how it affects you personally, you are at a disadvantage. Come over here with Me, and see from the vantage of Immortality. Come over here and see from love. My, how your perspective would change! Oh, how happy you would be because you would see as I do see.

Of course, I see beyond everyday events. I see wider than you see, and I see further. I am not joyful about war, yet I am not disheartened. I see the next wave of love, and I see the love that occurs even in war. My heart does not get shredded the way you allow yours to. Beloveds, I bless all. I bless even the warriors who fight for a cause different from yours. They are My children, and I do not castigate them nor do I abandon them any more than I castigate or abandon you. I am yours forever, and you are Mine. I do not see a "they" as you do. I see only Mine. Would that you would see as I do.

No matter how guided or misguided someone may be, I see deeply into every heart, and I see My heart within. Your heart may be overtaken with woe and warring, and yet My heart beats within everyone. Whatever you may do or not do, My hearts beats within your heart. You may not always have been kind and wise, and yet I am still staunchly within you. I would not leave your heart not even for a moment. Nor do I leave another's.

Certainly, you have done something that later you saw in a different light and now would do differently. Everyone is given that opportunity to see differently from how they once saw. Should that liberty be given to you alone and not to others?

I say share and share alike. There is not one of you who is not I. No matter how well-hidden, I am in every heart, and I can be found. You can find Me in your heart, and you can find Me in others' hearts as well.

I do look kindly on all. Is that too much to ask of you?



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