HEAVEN #2519 A World Beyond

Accept the vision I have for you. It outdistances your own vision. It far outdistances your own vision. You have limited your vision. Unless your vision is like Mine, you can be sure it is limited, and any limitation is too much. Limitation is really not okay. And so today We expand your vision. We take off the old glasses, and put on the new. Wide-angled are your new glasses. Deep-seeing are your new glasses. And now you will keep them on and never take them off.

You have seen enough of the overt already. You are clearly familiar with the world. You are clear about fault and flaw. Now there are more subtle levels you will rediscover and become clear about. Right now you know there are subtler levels of existence. You have heard this. You have some recognition of it yourself. It is just that you are so habituated to being tuned in to the relative world, which, despite your complaints, you find delicious.

Now there are more silent fields of experience that you will lean into. The relative world is the dream, yet these subtler fields will feel dreamlike to you. You may not consciously remember at all, yet you will sense there is something you have forgotten, sort of like the scent of flowers. You cannot recall the scent, yet you know it. You certainly know it when the flowers appear before you again. You know what scent is rose, and what scent is iris. You know what scent is mint, and what scent is basil. You do know all this - only you cannot explain to anyone. You cannot give them the experience. You cannot even give yourself the experience of the scent of a rose without a rose right in front of you.

And so these subtler fields are wafted away from you, and yet they return again and again. Your physical senses do not operate in these fields. Subtler than the subtle, beloved, are these fields you migrate to. How could you remember them when you cannot describe the scent of a rose or even revive the scent of a rose, try as you may.

These subtler fields are like another world, a world without demarcation, a world beyond. This is a world beyond the five senses. Isn't this wonderful? So much love is going on around you, and you partake. And yet you do not see it! It cannot be seen. It can be entered into. Once in a while you are whisked into this realm of everythingness and nothingness. It is like finding long-lost relatives. You always knew they existed somewhere. Only you did not know where they were exactly nor how to reach them. Long-lost relatives exist, and realms you travel to exist.

You do communicate on these less physical levels. The memory is deeper than memory. This memory is more like the memory in your DNA. It is not your conscious memory, and yet it is memory, and it is your experience as well. Come where your soul communicates with other souls and accomplishes wonders more beautiful than you can possibly put into words.

You always knew you were not entirely of this physical world. You always knew you were more than this body you walk around in. At least, you have had a suspicion.

You can know now that you are much more than the Human Being you present yourself as. You may fool many others that this physical body is all you are. You may fool yourself. But you never fool Me. I know you. I know Who you are. I know very well.

Soon your conscious recollection will know too. You, in this human form, will soon begin to know what I know. You will comprehend miracles.



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