HEAVEN #2520 Fall in Love

Come into My heart right now, this moment. This is where you belong, and this is where you are, deep deep in My heart. This is where you are nourished. This is where you are content. Home is not far, the Home you have been seeking. Home is immediate. There is no waiting for Heaven. You carry it with you. You carry it within you. I am the heart of you, and I am your Home.

You have given great credence to folly, and not so much to the regions of your heart, Our heart, the heart in which We recline. Heartbeats squeeze, and love soars. Our love soars. With each heartbeat, more love bursts forth. Let Us snuggle in this heart of love and be soothed in the awareness that We are indeed One. This is not some farfetched thought. This is the God's honest truth. Oh, yes, beloveds, this is love. Relax into it. It is your birthright. It is what I want you to soar with. Soar with Me into the fields of Heaven where beautiful flowers grow and hearts too.

Never were you supposed to be denied love. Never was love meant to wane like the Moon that fades and then brightens again. Love was always meant to be its own tide and always to be waves of more and more. I am filling up your heart now with love. You are going to be strong-hearted from now on. Love is taking over the universe now. Do you feel love splashing everywhere? Do you feel the emergence of new love filling your heart and the world you see? Love is what to look for now. Love is what to see now. This one thing, this awareness of love is what will turn the world upside down - right side up is what I mean. Now the world has been righted. Now you are all right. I carry you in My arms. What a lovely thought.

No longer do you leave your house in the morning with your eyes darting around for danger.

Now your eyes are round and looking at the love I have poured into your heart and all around you. You are going to trip over love. That means you will fall in love. So surrounded by love are you, what can you do but fall in love? There is nothing else to fall into. Fall in love right now. Fall in love with Me, and fall in love with My creation, and you will rise. I gave you the world. I gave it to you to live and love in. Now you are overpowered with love, and now you see love, experience love, love love, and that's what you do now. You are full-time in love.

If you work in a mine, from now on you will dig love.

If you teach in a college, you will teach love. You will have so much love to give, it will be learned.

You are at the prow of the ship of love. What happy sailing this is.

If you are a cook, you will serve love. If you are eating in a restaurant, you will devour love. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you will look into the eyes of love, and you will see Me, and you will see yourself. You will be eying love. You will be catching love on the fly. You will be like a juggler of love. You will throw love up in the air, and you will catch it. Love will feast on love. Love will walk the streets. Love will have achieved its rightful place in the world, and you will be happy, so very happy, all because you are reconciled with love.



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