HEAVEN #2523 The World Can Do Its Thing

Do not worry nor be sad when someone doesn't understand you. Not everyone knows as much as you do. This is something you have to remember. Not everyone sees as you do, of course, and not everyone knows as much as you do.
Perhaps they are still in kindergarten. In this case, perhaps you are the one who hasn't understood.

But, no matter, be that as it may, everyone does not have to be where you are, and everyone does not have to know you and appreciate you as I do. Let it be enough that I love you. Isn't it ironic that you have the King of the Universe loving you, and yet your heart cries out for a peasant's notice and love? You have wholeness, and yet that is not enough for you!

Beloveds, leave wooing to the man who seeks a wife. You are not to woo the world. You are not trying to win anyone's favor.

If someone doesn't understand nor appreciate you, why do you feel they have to? What has made you think that everyone has to value you? What difference does it make really whether they do or don't? Of course, I understand, it makes a difference to you. You have perhaps depended on it. Blessed Beings, if you have set as a goal that you are to be adored by everyone, you have abandoned yourself.

When you have been in error, and you see that you have let someone down, you don't have to have their forgiveness for your error. Say you're sorry once or twice. Let the person forgive you or not. You need not spend the rest of your life trying to have this person see you in good light. It is not your purpose in life to win approbation from all. There is a time to leave things as they are, even when they are not what you like. There is a time to let go. Letting go comes into play on many levels. Know when to drop something.

Beloveds, I have said that you are to make room in your heart to accept everyone as they are. So accept those who perhaps do not accept you. Accept them as they are, and let them be. You don't have to change them. The world will go on with or without their good opinion of you. Go on without them then. There is no need for you to depend so much on others' good will. I have said you must keep your heart open. I never said everyone has to keep his heart open for you. There is no law that says someone has to love and appreciate you. What another does with his heart is his business. When did it become yours?

You may have spent your whole life to this point wanting and waiting to be honored by all in your world. Beloveds, even if you somehow happen to achieve this, what have you got when you have it? It will fall through your fingers like sand. What does what other people think of you have to do with you? It is not necessary for you to count on appreciation from others any more.

You may say that I seek everyone. That is true, yet My seeking is My honor given. It is not honor for My sake, except as you are Myself. I do not curry favor. This is what I am trying to say. Nor are you to curry favor. Beloveds, do not have so much dependence on the world's favor. The world can do its thing, while you do Mine.



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