HEAVEN #2524 Be So Happy Now

It is a good thing you are feeling separated from yourself. It is your small self you are separating from. Your small self still carries on, yet you see it for what it is. You are your Great Self, always were, but you used to be caught up in the personality and all the personal aspects of that which you call your life. Your personality hasn't gone anywhere, but now you are not so caught up in it. You see it for what it is, a diversion from Truth, and you see yourself as an overblown cartoon figure who runs into the same problems again and again and who imagines problems are his whole life and that a dealer in problems is all he is. Now you - the real you -- observes this small self. It is hard not to laugh at this cartoon figure who gets so excited and overwrought about what is only, after all, life. It has been as if you have been catching your breath when you can breathe fine without gasping.

Life in the world is not a small thing. It isn't the only thing either. Your Great Self and that smattering of ego run side-by-side, and your Over-Presence that is really you can see your teeny-weeny self running for its life. The Over-Presence of yourself lopes easily, always ahead of the game, winning the race, always outdistancing the pitter-patter of ego's small feet.

You have to be more than your accumulation of events and relationships. You have always known this. You have always known that life is more than it appears to be. You can be well-fed, well-housed, have good work, good family life, many friends, and still there is the vague sense that there is more to life than what you presently acknowledge. Any way you slice it, there is more to life than what you presently see going on in it.

Do not take Me to mean that you are to enjoy life less. You are to enjoy life more! You will enjoy life more when you do not take it so to heart. Appreciate life more, and you won't be taking is so to heart. You will not see it any longer as the apex of existence.

You will not look down your nose at the five senses. You will love them deeply for the good servants they are. They are like great steeds that take you places. In fact, when you think of life without the physical senses, you feel a sense of loss. Suddenly, you cannot imagine a life without smelling brownies in the oven, or life without flowers to sniff. At these moments, life without the scent of soap seems hard to imagine. And so it is with all the senses. To not see a sunset, unimaginable. What can life be without a sunset, or light through the trees, or life at all without you?. And not to hear music or your mother's voice or not to hear your child's voice. Even not to hear the sounds of traffic and barking dogs, sounds which presently may annoy you. Or not to touch water, not to feel the ground under your feet. And not to taste a potato chip ever again! What a pity! Or not even to have your mouth water and to experience chewing. Not even to cry, what kind of life can it be without these?

And so, with these thoughts, physical life seems very dear. It is very dear. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Why not? Enjoy every bit of it.

And yet you will enjoy the total spiritual life more than you can imagine. You won't miss anything, beloveds. You won't feel that you have lost anything. You won't feel that you have made a trade. You will be just so happy being, and, beloveds, you can be happy like that right now.



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