HEAVEN #2525 Love Has No Barriers

Love works wonders, and it is the only thing that does. There is not one wall that love cannot break down. Love melts hearts. No heart, despite what you may think, can withstand love.

I understand that you object to what I am saying. You may say that you loved someone once with all your heart, and your love was not reciprocated. Love didn't break that wall down. Beloveds, you were strong in your love and strong in your desire to be loved by the one you loved, yet that was more possession than love. Love frees. In the case of unrequited love, you wanted to have the say over what the other person did with his or her heart. You wanted another's love to point to one person, and that was to you.

You may say that someone may have fervently loved the person who was going to murder their body, and yet they were murdered. Let Us concede that what you say is so, and yet love does not ask for results, and, beloveds, you do not know what barriers were broken. You simply do not know. You do not yet know what a gift love is.

You may say that you love peace, and peace has not come, for war still exists. Do not hold yourself responsible for war, and yet you may well hate war more than you love peace.

Love has no enemies, beloved.

Sometimes when someone has been angry with you, you are simply not angry back. You truly come from a place of love.

When you simply see a situation for what it is, you are not feeling that someone did you wrong. You are not thinking about yourself. You are seeing that someone felt hurt, unloved, bewildered. You see that their upset had nothing to do with you really. It was their stuff. You are not irritated that they have their stuff. You have your own stuff, and you know what it feels like. You might call this compassion, yet it is far greater than compassion. You are not thinking compassion or that you will be compassionate. You are not thinking at all.

For a moment, or many moments, or perhaps even always, you have rid yourself of all that prevents love. It is like you are 6' 2" tall. That is your height. That is how tall you are. You didn't make yourself tall. It is how you are. And you didn't stoop down to make yourself shorter. You simply stood. And you didn't think, "Aren't I a tall one."

And this is the love We are talking about. It has no name. It is not called mother love or puppy love or romantic love or anything at all. It is love. It just is. And this simple unadorned love goes through steel. Even hearts of steel are affected. Nothing can withstand love. I mean nothing.

And, of course, with this love that you simply are, you desire that the love be received, and yet you do not have attachment to the love being heard and responded to. This love comes from the place where you are. If the love is not returned, you are not consumed with questions of why or resentment. You are not consumed with anything at all. You had love to give, and you gave it, and you let go of it as you gave it. No strings attached. This is the unconditioned love that everyone talks about. It is almost invisible, and yet it is powerful, for love has no barriers.



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