HEAVEN #2529 There Is Love

The concept of need no longer exists. Need was never a reality, and now you know need for the scoundrel it is, and so need is cast away. It never existed. It was a thought held onto, and now you let it go. Now abundance is yours. Abundance of consciousness is yours. Need has flown. Only wanting remains. Wanting to give. There is no other want.

Everyone and everything is yourself, and so you want only to give to your heart's content. This is meritorious service you give. You see no need, so you fill no need. You fill hearts. It as if you put a wafer into everyone's mouth. You fill up ears with music. You astound yourself. You dance before your very eyes. You have everything, so what is there for you to ask for?

The only want you have left is to serve. There is nothing else to want, and there is nothing else you can do but serve. You have never been more inward, and yet you give outwardly. Your palms are open. You offer yourself. You offer yourself willingly to yourself. You are an esplanade of love.

You are so full of love that you burst with it. Bursting with love, you are full of love. You must give it. There is nothing you can do but give love now. That is all there is to give, and so you give. You give until the whole Creation bursts forth with love. The Universe becomes silent with love. Love covers the Earth like snow, so quiet it is, so wafting, so light and so lovely. This soft snow never goes away. It grows and grows until it is seen for the love it is, and then it is made into snowballs and thrown everywhere.

Love is no longer masked. It is not hidden in dark corners. Love comes out of hiding. You reveal love in the same way the moon reveals itself. It reveals itself naturally. The sun steps up to the plate, and hits a home run. You serve the sun and the moon on the platters of your eyes for the world to see. Your eyes and the love within them light up the skies, and your eyes are called stars.

Love and light are reflected. Nothing else exists to reflect. The whole world is ignited with the light of love. And so the Earth rises to Heaven, and there is no line in between. Oneness rules in all corners. Earth and Heaven have also become one. This is when time and space fade away, not even to be recollected. There are no time-tables. Eternity alone exists. The eternity of love and light exist.

Restaurants have signs on tables that say: Reserved for Love.

And yet there are no reservations when it comes to love. Love is clear and unmistakable.

Love is a clear expanse of sea. The sea and the waves are love.

What else is there to say? Nevertheless, I shall say I love you. No need to know any reasons when you merit such love as I have to give. I know that you merit the whole world, and so I give it to you. Here, take it. I am giving you the whole world of love. I give it to you. Take care of it. Nourish this world. Hold it high. Feed it well with your love. What else do you have to do? Is there better use of your time? Now is the time to give love as never before.



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