HEAVEN #2530 A Sage of the Universe

Human Beings of My heart, I salute you. I love you, and I appreciate you. I appreciate your willingness to enter every day. I see you get up every morning, even when it is a struggle. You get up in the dark, and you go to work. You are like a soldier, not a soldier of fortune, not a soldier of war, but a soldier of life. The sun plays taps. You are the bugle the sun plays, and yet you are the one who arises to the beat of your own song. Perhaps you are the sun, too, who knows how and when to blow the bugle. Perhaps you are everything.

Perhaps there is nothing but you in the whole world. Perhaps the whole world is bowing to you, and you bow back. Perhaps you salute the world of yourself. What a smart thing to do.

Perhaps you are the conveyor belt of the universe. You convey yourself.

You are the bands around the Earth that expand and contract. You breathe in and out the expansion and contraction of the whole Universe. You think you live in one spot of Earth when, in actuality, you encompass the whole of creation. You skip from star to star and from one continent to another. You are a traveling troubadour of love. You simply have no idea of your Vastness. That you forgot it doesn't mean you're not the Great Vastness you are. You have no say about it.

Time and time again you try to prove that you are little and not worth so much. You try to escape yourself rather than to find out your Vastness. You dare not approach it. Why is that? What do you think would happen if you forgot your smallness and remembered your Greatness? Would you then no longer exist? Do you exist only in the details? What about My Presence within you? What about Me?

Perhaps you would rather be lost than found. Perhaps you like the racing story of events more than you like yourself. You would rather be caught up in the adventure and have no time nor chance to consider the pace of your heart. Perhaps you keep yourself busy on the shore of life, pulling in fish lines and never sailing the seas of yourself.

Perhaps you amass busyness as if that were the goal of your life. Perhaps you run a race and forget where you're going. Perhaps you run in place rather than step into the sky.

Perhaps you are My soul who pretends to be relegated to a body and not to extend from it. Perhaps you have forgotten you are not your body at all. Sometimes you think your car is an extension of your body. You have identified with it when, no matter what, your car is a car and it is not you at all. You dash off in your life and ride in your car and neither the car nor your body is you at all. They are mere conveyances. They are your transportation in the physical world. Believe it or not, you spend equal or more time in the spiritual world. Of course, in the world of spirit, time does not exist nor does space. In the world beyond time and space, you exist evermore.

There is a wrapper around you, that's all, and you give great homage to all the wrappings. Within your body and circumstances lies a heart of gold and a sage of the Universe. Within you lies the whole gorgeous Earth and the entirety of Heaven. Within you. Within you, lies the height, depth and breadth of My Presence. I am present within you. You are not without Me. You are about Me, and you exist for Me. You might as well know.



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