HEAVEN #2532 The One of Oneness

You have a wonderful life before you. You have Heaven on Earth before you. You are going to step out onto shimmering light and know the love of Heaven and know it’s yours for all time. You are embarking on a splendid voyage that will take you all the way to your Self. There will no longer be dallying. Nor will there be effort. It will be like you are reclining in a lovely canoe. You are gently rocked by the waves that take you closer and closer to Me. All of this is in your awareness, beloveds, you understand, because there is no closer to Me. You can be no closer to Me than you always have been. Ah, but your awareness, that is another story.

Your awareness isn’t required. I am required. Awareness of what you have is always lovely, of course. With awareness, you sink into the effulgent bliss of where you are. Then you can really lean back and enjoy the canoe ride. We can say that I am the One Who paddles the boat. I, and the waves of the Ocean that I AM, have always been rocking you, beloveds.

You are as dear to Me as Myself. You are Myself. We have talked about this before. Do you feel the stirring of this in your heart now? Do you almost feel yourself dissolving into Oneness?

Can you any longer sense yourself as apart from Me? Can you return to a lesser state when you are all I ever wanted? Your recognition is all I ever sought. Can you accept less when, in the silent depths of your heart, I am all you ever wanted? You may not have known I am what you have been seeking, but I have known, and now you know too. Beloveds, the Sought has been found. I cannot have you without your having Me. Our love is inextricable. It has always been and always will be so. Our bond and our boundlessness are so strong that the atoms within your body are going faster from the pure joy of Our connectedness.

Think of it. You are connected to God, and God is connected to you. We are quite a Onesome. We never were a Twosome.

The multitudes were always One, no matter how ignorant of the Oneness they were.

You are no longer a multitude in your mind. You are no longer a one of many. You are the One of Oneness. You are getting so close to Truth that your heart is beating fast with the anticipation of what it will be like to know your Oneness with Me and with all of Creation. It won’t be like anything else, of course, because there is nothing like it. It is everything you ever wanted all rolled into One. There will be no distinction between love and Oneness and All That Is. There will no longer be any mystery. All will be miracle now, unbounded miracles bouncing around, bumping into each other, helping you to remember and realize your simple Oneness.

The angels are busy now, playing their music. They ready themselves for the celebration they, too, have been waiting for. The golden harps they play are for your enjoyment. And if you prefer jazz, you will have it. If you prefer a brass band, you will have that too. Everything exists and coexists in the Heaven on Earth and the Earth in Heaven.

Can you just feel it? Are you not practicing the ushering in of Heaven and welcoming it with all your heart with the full knowledge that you are Heaven welcoming yourself?



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