HEAVEN #2536 Can You Succeed at Being Carefree

What if everything were all right, and you had nothing to worry about? What if all your concerns were nothing to be concerned about?

Perhaps you have had a need to worry and fret, for just when you finish worrying about one thing, you find another. One perceived trouble leaves, and another comes to take its place. Perhaps you are just used to having something to aggravate over. If there weren't anything to worry about, what do you think would happen? As you so accustomed to anxiety that you wouldn't know what to do without it? Do you feel that you would lose ground if you did not hold on so tightly to events in life?

What if there were nothing to worry about at all? Could you get used to non-worry? Could you succeed at being carefree? Will you try it for one week? Perhaps one day? You won't fall off the ends of the Earth. All that will happen is that you take a well-deserved vacation from fret and worry. Have a holiday.

The same with complaints. Be without any. See what it's like.

No longer attached to your ideas of what life should be and what your life in particular should be, you would forget about worry. Perhaps your life doesn't have to be any particular way after all. Maybe you don't have to be a certain way. Maybe there is no need for you to control life, not events, outcomes, nor the people you know. Perhaps you have been told all your life to take life seriously. What if you had been taught to frolic instead?

What if you could just let everything be as it is without interference from you? Perhaps you have imagined that you hold up the world and that worries are trained assistants who have come to your aid. If that is the case, fire them.

What if you let life take care of itself, and let go of the idea that you have to write a script for it and hand out parts for others to play? What if you took your hands off life, and started to love life, capricious or not. What if you would just love life as it is? Not love everything in it, but love it just the same. Even love the opportunity to be disappointed. Even abscond from the necessity for disappointment, let go of the idea that you have to have a wounded or broken heart and have the idea instead that you don't have to be a tragedian. Can you acknowledge that serious doesn't really win more points than happy? Where did you get the idea that you were supposed to be somber, and how long have you had this belief?

Enjoy for joy's sake instead. Let a different tune run through your head. Let come what may. It will be gone soon enough without your hovering over it. Life has a life of its own. It is not necessary for you to resist it. Try letting go.

Resistance is climbing up hill. Letting go is sliding down a slide or diving into a pool. Leave tenseness, and dive into a pool of wonder, beloveds. No need for you to extract from life, extrapolate it, push it away. Give life a chance to come to you. This is the meaning of relax. Let life have its own exuberance. Let it run its course. Let it run circles around itself while you sit in a recliner.

Perhaps you have taken life too seriously. Perhaps you have seen it as an opponent when life is only life. It is a spin around the block. It is not irrevocable. Don't take life so hard, beloveds. Let go of worry. Enjoy instead.


Mariù 4th November 2007 4:26 am

Thank you so much Gloria and God!!

I loved this message, I really did. I resonated with it in every cell!!! What if I stop worrying?? Ahhhhh What a wonderful day would be I'm sure!
Thank you for reminding is possible, thank you for giving hope back, thank you for this fresh air Gloria!

:smitten: :thumbsup:

Lita 18th December 2007 10:12 pm

Quite timely ... Absolutely loved and resonated with this. I love your contributions! Thank you :)

((( Hugs )))


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