HEAVEN #2551 God Loves You

I soak you in My love. I bathe you in My love. I drown you in My love, and, so, you are able to breathe better. No longer do you need to hold your breath. Now you live your breath. There is no danger, and so now you can breathe deeply of the air and love I surround you with. Now you can expand your lungs and your heart and your sense of peace. Love purifies the air you breathe. Love purifies everything. Love is The Great Purifier. And all love is Mine. It issues from Me the way light issues from the sun. And, so, I purify your heart with My love. My love is a bubble bath of love, and you soak in My love. You swim in the waters of My love. I wrap you in My love, and so I reveal you to the world. Covered in My love, you are revealed. Cloistered in My love, you are revealed. Reveal Me. Reveal Me.

First you must reveal yourself to yourself. You have clogged your airways with so much thinking and worrying. You have held your breath as though you were in imminent danger. You are suffused in My love. Now be aware of the profusion of My love you are swaddled in. Have My love and the awareness of it, for My heart is full with love, and I give it to you. I pour all My love upon you. It seeps into your heart.

The more of My love you accept, the higher your spirits rise.

There is nothing you have to do to gain My love but to accept it. Do not deny it any longer. Don't be reticent to accept My love. Accept it with your heart wide open. Accept all My love as I pour it into you. Nothing makes me stop. Be susceptible to My love. Be vulnerable to My love, and then you will be very strong in My love. Yes, be vulnerable to love. Be at the mercy of My love. As I pour My love out, be like a sponge. Soak up My love. Splurge in My love until you can only cry out, "God," the way you might cry out, "Uncle," in a wrestling match you concede.

How frivolous that you would ever do battle with My love, yet you make up all kinds of reasons why you do not deserve My love. You go out of your way to prove unworthiness, to establish it, to convince yourself of it. Didn't your mother teach you to accept gifts graciously? It is not for you to set limits to My love. I set none. Why would you?

Accept My full-fledged love. Do not miss a drop of it. Accept it all. Then you will not be greedy for love. You will be satiated with it. And what happens when you are satiated? You allow an overflow, and so you give the love granted you to spill over into the world. Soon you splash everyone with My love. Soon everyone splashes everyone with My love. What fun this is. Imagine My joy at giving love ebullient, knowing there is no end to it. Let Us fill the Earth with love as We might fill a swimming-pool.

Let Us submerge all hearts in the depths of love. The entranceway to love is in My heart, and I leave it wide open. Will you do the same? Will you welcome all into your heart? Will you ungate your heart? Will you fling your heart wide open so that there is no mistaking the abundance and power of love that issues forth from the Heart of God within you? Give love no matter what you think you are. No one is too good to give love, and no one is too diminished to give love. Just give it. Hang up your hat, beloveds, and give love.



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