HEAVEN #2554 The Magnificent Beauty of Life

Will you do a favor for Me and acknowledge how beautiful you are, and how beautiful you are to Me? Will you acknowledge how lovely you are and that you are a blessing on Earth? If you are reading this, you can know you are a blessing. And if you are not reading this, you may not know, yet still you are. Would I make anything but blessings? I make only blessings and good fortune. You are My fortune, beloveds. You are the goods I lay up in Heaven. You are My specialty. Must you find fault with My wares? Would you really return yourself for a better model?

I don't care what shape or form you are in. It makes no difference to Me what you look like, what you have done. Assuredly, if I tell you to let go of the past, would I do less? Would I recommend anything to you and ignore it myself? I know better than to give a backward glance to the past. Therefore, the past does not exist. Only with your attention on it does the past become a reference point. You give the ethereal ephemeral infernal past too much weight.

You want life to be filled with great events. You want the past to be something vital. In that sense, you may even accept trouble over evenness, unmitigated woe over unadorned enjoyment. You design certain embellishments for the character you play. You would choose drama any day. You are indentured to melodrama. You like having a story to tell. You like being the dramatic interest. You have chosen emotion over just simple being beautiful, over simply being.

Now I ask you to choose to be nothing at all! Just to be. You don't have to be of great note in the world in order to be significant. Signify Me, beloveds. Am I not enough? Signify the abounding glory that is to come. Be still. Do you hear life on Earth ascending? Do you feel it?

You don't need any fanfare. You need quietude, beloveds. You do not need sensational. Ordinary is good enough. How extraordinary ordinariness is! No one seeks it, and yet it is a mainstay. It anchors you to one-pointedness. Have a lovely ordinary day.

Is it ordinary to lie on your back on the grass, chew a blade, study the sky? You might think nothing of it, and yet that is the making of you. Who says there is nothing free? I set no limits. All is free for the asking. You do not need a new Lamborghini in order to enjoy the trees and the air and the canopied sky? All that is needed is you, beautiful you.

If you could but see with My eyes, you would know the immensity of your beauty, and, so, you would know the beauty of everyone and everything. You would only know beauty. You wouldn't waste your time on something less. When you can have beauty, why would you be so foolish as to choose something less? Of course, you tend to do that every day. You even take books out of the library that do not serve you nor do you justice. You watch movies that forget the beauty of life. You may lead a life that takes you away from the magnificent beauty of life. Now I say, get it back! Hasten to the beauty within and open it up, toss it to the winds, and let it fall where it may. Mark your life on the winds, beloved. Set sail for the horizon. It is so close, so close, you can almost touch it.




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