HEAVEN #2557 The Word Was God

At night, I tuck you in. And in the morning, I awaken you. Feel the comfort I give you, for I wish you to have it. It is good to know the Source of your comfort, even when you have only an inkling. An inkling will do you well. At atom is only an inkling too of the Greatness it is.

You may say, "But what if I don't have an inkling of Who You are, God? What if my idea of You is clouded? What if I fear You, object to You, hold resentment toward You?"

Then you are not thinking of Me, beloveds. You have made up a picture, or it was given to you, and you accepted it. But that is all right too, because ideas can change. If you know Me as something less than love, now you will get over that. It is love you want, and it is love you deserve, and I am the One Who gives great love. I am Love. God is another name for Love. You cannot withstand the love I give to you for long. My love will creep into your awareness. You know what love is, and now you will know the Source of this Great Love, and you will know it is for you and, therefore, is yours. You have received it. You will know it as your birth right and not as a gift at all. Love is your inheritance. It is not merely proffered to you. It belongs to you. It was yours before you were born. It was yours before you knew that you were missing from your awareness. You have wanted love, and now you recognize it within you, and you claim it. Your claim does not take away from any one else's claim. There is enough love for everyone.

You don't have to go to court to obtain that which is innately yours. You don't have to apply for it. You don't have to go to school for it. You do not have to be educated to it. You simply have only to accept it.

I do not force My love upon you. My love always existed, and you always had it, and you have always dipped into it. You might as well know this as an accepted fact now. The huge love of God is yours. It is yours more than anything else in the world. And it is also worth more than anything else in the world. My love is worth more than a new car. It is worth more than anything else you can think of. Yet why think of anything else altogether when you can think of Me, God, this God Who loves you with all the love of the Kingdom. I love you, beloved, for all I am worth, and I am worth gold. I am the God of Love, and I am its Gold. Hold your arms out wide to accept My love.

Even if you still believe you are not worth the completeness of My love, accept it anyway. Put your hand out to receive as you might put your hand out to feel the rain that comes from Heaven. What is there that I cannot give to you? What is there that I have not given to you? I have already given you My All, and My All is a lot. It is Everything. It is absolutely the essence of you. My love is what you are made of.

While a chocolate Easter Bunny is in the form it is, it is also simply chocolate. The Easter Bunny doesn't have to be in the form of a bunny in order to be chocolate. A chocolate Easter Bunny is chocolate regardless of its shape. If its ear is bitten off, it is still chocolate. In pieces, the bunny remains chocolate.

If you are a Human Being, then you are simply My Love, and there is nothing else you can be. No matter how you may try to disprove Me or disprove your Self, you are irrevocably Love, My love, in every sense of the Word. The Word was God, and the Word was Love.



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