Heaven #2560 Harmony Means More than Agreement

Harmony is what is wanted. Do not think harmony always means agreement. If harmony meant agreement, you would wait a very long time for harmony. Harmony leaps over disagreement like over a tall building. Is it not true that you don't always agree with yourself? Why, beloveds, disagreement -- that's nothing.

Harmony does not mean that everyone thinks the same, likes the same, acts the same. It does mean that there is a higher reference point than being alike. It's more like it's okay to think differently. It's perfectly okay. No one has to be converted. Everyone can see as they do see. They can envision as they do.

Harmony does require the desire to understand. Harmony comes about from a caring. It is the Golden Rule, not as an ideal, but as an everyday practice. It is letting others be what they are, feel what they feel, and yet it is a desire to be friends. What more is needed but that desire, that little intention to be friends, that you be a friend, that you, no matter what, look out for the well-being of another.

It is so easy for My children to cluck their tongues over countries' actions, how childish they are to fight over this or that. And yet in homes, possibly in your home, smaller things are fought over. What is it that makes you respond in haste? What makes you feel that you have been affronted? Perhaps you feel that what you feel is of no concern to others. You may feel they are tied up in their own feelings, and do not value yours. Do you feel something like - do you feel you have been shortchanged and so you feel unloving? Something at the time makes you feel unloved, or why would you be upset today over what tomorrow you may not even remember? What has happened exactly that makes you feel unfriendly, or makes you feel that the one across from you is not your friend?

Whatever you feel that you need, this is what you must give to the one across from you. You feel not listened to? Then you must listen. You feel unappreciated, uncared for, unimportant? Then show appreciation. Care for the other. Think a moment. Would there be argument unless you do really care for the one across from you?

If you and your friend like to argue about politics, then enjoy your argument. You don't need to convince anyone, nor does anyone need to convince you. You can come out shaking hands.

Harmony is not wishy-washy. It is not agreement for agreement's sake. It is not lack of character. It is that willingness to love regardless of what you like or don't like.

Make peace in your own home. If you did not take arguments so seriously, you would already have peace. Make peace in your own house, and peace in the world will catch up to you.

Disharmony will lay down its sword. Disharmony will no longer wish to rule. Disharmony will want to become harmony, and that willingness is enough to do the trick.

Beloveds, what cannot be disagreed about? Disagreement does not have to be a big deal.

Do not agree for the sake of agreeing. Do not agree because you think someone has to give in, and it will be you. Agreeing is not the issue at all. Loving is. You don't need to let a little thing like disagreement keep you from harmony. You make no concession. You do not subvert your truth. You simply let go of need for agreement, that's all. Let go of need, beloveds, let go.



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