HEAVEN #2575 Embrace Life

If no one had to agree with you, how much happier you would be! What is it that makes you feel you need confirmation from others? Agreement may make you feel strong, but does it make you correct? The whole world could agree with you, but how does that make you right? The whole world has agreed on matters which later the world admitted were incorrect and so the world rescinded its previous conclusions. You just can't rely on the opinions of the world. Here today and gone tomorrow.

You could be the only one in the world who sees as you do, and you could be right. You could have a million detractors, and still you could be right. You do not require bolstering, beloveds. Bolstering is unsteady. It has weak legs. Certainly, bounce your ideas off others, but do not rely on the good opinions of others. It is best to go by the rudder of your own heart.

It is a hollow need for confirmation, and there is no filling that hollowness, beloveds. Confirmation gives you a momentary lift, and then, bewildered, you seek more confirmation and more and greater. Seek Me instead.

How much does it really matter if you are right or if you are wrong, as thought of in the world? Life moves on regardless. You are wiser today than yesterday. You are inevitably more experienced today than yesterday, and that makes you more advanced.

When you no longer have to be right, you won't need confirmation.

Even error brings you closer to truth. Every step you take is advancement in life. Accept that you are already advanced in life.

Life doesn't depend upon how much you know nor on how little you know. Correctness is not the hinge of life.

Embrace life experience. That is what is within your grasp now to embrace.

Be happy when you learn. That is great progress.

Don't think so much in terms of right or wrong. You are an experimenter in life. We can consider your life like a fan you hold in your hand. The waving of the fan cools you. Whether the fan is folded or flat, it works.

Beloveds, if you wait for perfection in the relative world, you will not be able to move. Better to fear not making mistakes. Mistakes are good for you. Mistakes don't have to taste good in order for them to be good for you. Sweet, bitter, sour - all are good for you. Everything is a boon for you. Life is a boon for you.

Who has said it is so terrible to make a mistake? When you misspell a word, you correct it What is the big deal? When you drive down the wrong street, you turn around and find the right street. Are not errors your guide? Abandon the whole idea of mistake, and then you will be perfect. You certainly will have saved your energy.

Yes, we are talking about energy conservation, beloveds. Put your energy where it brings reward. This is another good reason to leave the past behind. Thinking about the past, even the past of a minute ago, is a waste. Notice I don't say waste of time, for there is none. I say waste of energy, waste of thought. I won't say waste of life because no life is wasted whatever you may think.

And, so, I am confirming your life. I love you, and I love that you have life, and I enjoin you to love your life and the gift that it is, gift to you, and gift to the world. If you think your life is not a gift to you and to the world, you are mistaken.



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