HEAVEN #2581 Be a Dreamer, December

If all your dreams came true today, what would your next dream be? And the one after that? Yes, beloveds, get ahead of yourself in dreaming. There is no point in staying just where you are, even in your dreams. Your dreams are a means of your expansion.

What personal dreams exceed the personal dreams you have now? What dreams of yours for the world exceed your present dreams for the world? Dream them into being. Yes, go beyond your present dreams. Dare to dream bigger. Dare to dream of all that you really want.

First you have the idea of the dream, and then you picture it, and then you feel it coming true. You almost taste it, and then you let go. Your dreams will manifest on their own. Dream dreams every day. Letting go of the dream doesn't mean you can't do anything. Keep the dream at the same time as you release it. You are releasing it into the ether where it came from, and yet you keep it with you.

You can also take steps toward your dreams. You can smile at the thought of your dream. You can make a collage. You are making yourself familiar with your dreams.

And some dreams you can bring towards light, never forcing. You don't want to force your dreams into existence. Invite them.

If you want to start a business, start with your ideas. Read. As the business grows in your mind, the closer it gets to manifestation. Yet you have to go easy in that you are not attached to your dreams. You know they are there. You know they don't have to manifest. They are not obligated to. They are as free to manifest as you are free to dream them. There are no have to's when it comes to dreams.

Dreams are good. Dreams are like putting gas into your fuel tank.

And you can keep on having new dreams, one on top of the other. There is no limit to the number and extent of dreams you can dream of. You are entitled to all the dreams you want. Have all kinds of dreams. Dream of something you want to have happen today. Dream little dreams, and dream big dreams. They don't have to come true, although they may. There is great good in the dreaming alone. There is great good in the manifestation as well.

Let Us say you desire to have a restaurant. Practice it on a small scale. Make your recipes. Take pictures of them or draw pictures. Keep an eye out for a location for the fun of it. What will your restaurant look like? How will it be decorated? What layout do you want? Will it be a buffet? Will it be fancy? What will your wait staff wear? Have joy in building your restaurant in your mind. Have fun dreaming your dreams. Hold on to them without holding on to them. See what happens.

Maybe the dreaming of your dream is enough, and it does not have to manifest. It has already been realized in your mind, and you ask no more.

And maybe the desire to manifest is insatiable, so then you keep on with it. Your dreams may be big, but you can start small. Nothing wrong with starting small. Maybe you don't need investors in order to start. Bet on yourself first. Get experience. Do not think you already know how to do it all. Be open to learning. It's okay to be a novice.

Do not fold up your dreams. Carry them, until they leave. Or carry them until they manifest. Dreams are to be dreamed of, so keep on dreaming your dreams.



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