HEAVEN #2582 The Lock and the Key

The good thing about demanding is that you are clear on what you want. You are clear enough that you can demand. Persist, ask of Me, at the same time as you know you don't have to have that for which you are asking. What you ask for isn't a criterion that you must receive. You are not worth more nor are you worth less whether you receive what you ask for or not. Do not judge yourself at all, but absolutely don't base yourself on what you receive. What you receive or don't receive is not an indication of your worth. Rich or poor is not a scale to weigh yourself on. You can be the richest of the rich or the poorest of the poor, and your worth to Me is inviolable just the same.

You would not demand that I give you a new car. Save your demands of Me for that which is worth demanding. There is one thing worth demanding of Me. When you demand what I will suggest to you in a moment, this is how you will announce your clarity of intention and purpose. You may think it is up to Me to give you what you want, but it is really of yourself, beloveds, that you are demanding. Yes, there is one thing that serves you well to demand of Me. Now I will tell you what it is. Say:

"Look, God, I want to know you for Myself. I don't want to read about You any longer. I don't want to hear what other people have to say. I want You, and I want to know I know you. I don't want faith any longer. I don't want the faith that you are by My side. I want to know that you are by my side. I want to know for myself that you are deep in My heart. I want to know the love You give me firsthand. I don't want to take anyone's word for it anymore but Yours. I want to hear You for myself. I don't want any more reports about You. I want You right here. I want You undeniably right where I want You. With all respect, God, give me back My awareness of you. Give me My awareness back once and for all, and never let me lapse my contract with You again."

This demand I accept. I am indebted to you for this demand. This is a demand that is My Will for you to demand of yourself. It tells me of your sincerity and your fixity of purpose, and it tells me of your readiness.

Demand or request, in a loud voice or silently, I like to hear this from you. It tells me your desire is strong. It tells Me that you know what's what. It tells Me you want your life to be filled with My Presence. You want unshakeable awareness. You don't want a hint, a clue, a supposition. You are telling me this is your true desire, and that it will be fulfilled. You will fulfill it.

Demand that you know Me, have constant awareness of Me. Demand that I present Myself to you unmistakably. That is just fine with Me, for you are demanding that which I have been asking of you.

You are telling Me you are ripe. You are telling Me you are beyond ripe. You are telling Me you mean it. You are telling Me that you want your awareness of Me more than you want anything else. You are telling Me that you are ready and able to receive your birthright. You are also telling yourself, beloveds.

Consider Me the lock. Consider yourself the key. You are the key that turns the lock. You are the key that opens the Vast Universe before you. And you are the one who walks through the entranceway, and so you walk right into My full heart that has been waiting for you.



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