HEAVEN #2583 Zoom into God's Heart

This is My promise to you. Straight as an arrow, you shall zoom into My heart, stay, and never leave. It is your awareness that will never leave, for all the while you have always been centered in My heart. I have been your living room, beloveds. You have always been more than connected to Me. You have been seated in My heart with your feet up, comfortable, secure, having a smoke and enjoying every moment of Our Oneness.

Even when you have been in what you would call misery, you have been enjoying My hospitality. It is only in your mind that you have wandered. You have taken an imaginary voyage. You set out to seek yourself when you had already been found, actually never lost.

Regardless of the purpose of your trip, you can enjoy it. It is not for naught. There is valor and beauty in seeking yourself, even when the conclusion is already established.

You can look at your journey as though it is a work of fiction that you work out in your mind. You think about it. You write it. You know what you are writing at the same time as you discover what it is you are saying. You print your book, and then you move on and blaze other trails even though they have been blazed before.

You are the discoverer of what you already know.

You are often surprised, even when there is no surprise. You knew it all along.

You knew every step of your journey, and you knew your destination. You retrace it, as it were. You find out for yourself what you have always known, and you say, "Eureka."

You wander the circumference of My heart. There is no other place for you to wander. But your imaginings are vivid. Your imaginings are placed on a screen, and you watch the movie of your life. Of course, you do not go solo, so there are other actors in your movie. It all comes together. There is no real wandering. It is just a movie, and yet there is wondering and speculation and conclusions, and there are shrieks, and there is merriment, and there is clapping and great standing ovations. The applause is endless, curtain call after curtain call. You applaud your own movie. You are in it and outside it in the same thrice.

You never really get up and leave. You think you do, just as you think you are somewhere other than in the inner chamber of My heart. You think you strayed into a theatre somewhere or into an arena or even into the lion's den. What you make of things, and what the reality is are two different things. But it all comes out in the wash.

The thing is: We live in Eternity together, and all of Eternity is contained in this one moment of Our love, Our boundless unending inescapable love. We live in love. What is My heart but love, and where can you live but in the love of My heart, and where can you wander but in My heart, so where can you go? Nowhere. When can you leave My heart? Never. When will you plumb the depths of your existence and know where you really are, know without a doubt, be permanently established, unshakeable, aware of even more than Eternity, and be so intimately conscious without being self-conscious, instead, rather, being God-conscious, knowing knowing knowing only love, only the breathlessness of love that makes not a murmur but is heard volubly, is thundered in hearts that are bursting to the brim, overflowing into the Vastness of My heart. You will know soon. You will know now. There is nowhere else you can be, beloveds. Nowhere else you can know. Did you really think there was?



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