HEAVEN #2584 The Wise Know How Little They Know

It's better that you consider yourself a novice rather than an expert.

Novices are open to learning. They know they don't know everything.

There is a tendency for experts to think they have it all down pat, so they speak and do not listen.

Be a novice, beloveds, and you will always be open, and you will always learn. You will be humble rather than high and mighty. No matter what your experience, you will know that you do not know it all.

Two so-called experts in the same field do not always agree. Even in very technical fields where you would think there could only be agreement, there is not. Let the world call you what it will, still know that you are a learner not an expert.

One of the troubles with being high and mighty is that you are ripe for being knocked off your throne. Even if the whole world appoints you to a throne of expertise, better for you to know you don't belong there. Better to know that no one belongs there. Come down off your high horse.

Have confidence in yourself. And have the confidence that you don't know everything and that, therefore, there is much for you to learn.

Punks strut in the world. Don't be a punk, and don't act like one. Learn rather than strut.

You don't need to learn to eat humble pie when you are humble. Being humble doesn't mean you underestimate yourself. It means you don't overestimate yourself. We are speaking in terms of the world.

The world is full of the unwise who believe they know it all. Be wise and know you don't.

If you want to be a great teacher, be a great learner. The truth, anyway, is that great teachers learn from their students. So if you desire to be a great teacher, be a great learner.

Wherein lies the virtue of knowing everything, or thinking you do? Jump down from that precipice now before you fall.

True, you may know something that others do not know, but what exactly does that mean? All it means is that you know something others may not yet. What is the great honor in that? Beloveds, do not pat yourself on the back too soon. Do not pat yourself on the back at all.

Everyone knows something.

The one who sweeps the floors in a corporation may know more about what is going on in the company than the CEO.

Look, everyone on Earth wears a disguise, you and everyone else. One of you is disguised as the CEO, and another is disguised as the janitor. Both are good actors. Both play their parts well. Both are best supporting actors. Let each bow down to the other, or no one bow. Tip your hat to all who come before you. Disguises come off, and you will stand together as My One Holy Child. Surely you know that. Surely you know that plaudits of the world accompany you for only a split second. You are neither superior nor inferior to anyone.

Surely you know that the part you play is not you. Your true Identity far exceeds the stamped card the world gives you. Be not demeaned nor elated according to the part you play. This applies no matter what arena in the world you play in. No one is Top Dog.

I am asking you not to become conceited nor discouraged. Conceit and dismay are both uncalled for and do not hold you in good stead.

So, now, if you have been standing on a pedestal, get down off it. You don't need the pedestal. Did you think you did? You need nothing, but if you did need, you would merit more than any pedestal the world builds.



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