HEAVEN #2586 (Christmas Eve) Christ's Love was God's

Christ was harmonious, and yet he was firm in what he knew. He was not swayed. He ventured forth in a straight line. His God-given mission was to bring others closer to Me. He wanted nothing for himself but to give the gift of love that was given to him and which he had accepted whole-heartedly. A heart full of love can only pour out love, and so love is multiplied. Christ poured out so much love that his love still resounds around the world. The love he gave on My behalf still stirs hearts to beat to the tune of love. Boom, boom, boom-ti-boom, the beat of love.

He gave the only gift there is to give. He did not go shopping and gift-wrap. He was not Santa Claus. Santa Claus serves a different purpose from Christ. The physical giving of gifts is also nice, yet Christ gave not physical gifts. He gave love. That is all he had to give, and he gave it well. He gave love without ribbons. He simply gave love. He radiated it. He did not think about giving love. It would have been impossible for him not to give love. That would have been deprivation.

Christ was the fruit of the vine. A grape, full of juice, is ready to be picked, and juice turns into wine. And so Christ gave as innocently as a grape. Those who knew their thirst drank deeply of My love through Christ. They could not drink enough. They wanted more. They are drinking still.

Christ did not give love from a sense of obligation. He didn’t feel that the love which was his to give was owed. He did not think in terms of debt or debtor. He gave as freely as the sun shines My light. Christ was a bright sun on Earth, and he shone. How he shone. He could not do otherwise. Light was his to give, and give he did. He was helpless in that he could not help but to give. He was a singer of love who had to sing. He could not deny himself the burst of song.

He was a fish who had to swim. A fish does not think, “Oh, I must swim today.” It is natural for a fish to swim. And so Christ swam in love. He did not travel all over the world, but his love did, and his love travels still. Once set in motion, love stays in motion. Just as the sun is not given instruction to shine every day, so does love continue its revolutions without further ado.

Christ gave, yet he never thought, “I am giving.” He never got up in the morning and thought, “Oh, I must give today.” Giving was not a thought. Giving was his Being. And yet Christ had no thought that was not about giving love. He was powerless to do anything but give love. And so he had wisdom as well as love, and yet there was no difference between the love and wisdom he gave. His love and wisdom were grapes from the same vine I had planted and given to all My sons.

Do you think you are not from the same vine as Christ? Do you think you are a pretender to the throne I seat you on? Do you think you were given a special dispensation to refuse to accept My love or, once accepted, to refrain from sharing it?

Beloveds, no one is more special to Me than you are, nor is there anyone less special than you. There is no first, and there is no last. May you make every day Christmas for all My beloved sons and daughters. Accept My gifts, and, in the same motion, give them away.


Carlann 24th December 2007 11:26 am


You are the centre, you are the Love
Feel Love fill you, expand, the Dove
Rising up, spacious inside
Filling with easy, this way the tide

Rising and falling, One with you now
The easy way, the voice, the Tao
No-me Being, the One recall
One descent, the ego fall

Feel Love now, Being, All
I Am, flowing beyond the wall
Unveil belief disguising thin
Open to eyes, One heart begin

Carlann 24th December 2007 11:43 am

Accepting the gifts
Give them away
Moment on moment
Arising, the way

Gentle, kind,
Love Divine
Inherent in You
My One Mind

Filling the cup
Over flowing
Inside view
The One, glowing

Love transforms
Beyond, translate


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