HEAVEN #2588 The Greatness within You

Beloveds, because someone has great powers, does not mean that they are more connected to Me than someone without great powers. Powers do not mean that someone with them is more connected to Me than you. You are as connected to Me as anyone can be. You are not lacking. It is good to remember this so you are not enveloped under the spell of other mortals who may have observable powers. I adjure you to remember that I walk with you, and you walk with Me. I make you important. You do not need the attention of another, no matter how powerful their attention may be. You do not need their approval. You do not need their glamour. You don't need them. They may need you and your looking up to them.

Powers are not the indication you may have thought. The marvelous thing about Christ was not that he could turn water into wine. The marvelous thing about Christ was the simple love he poured out, not the wine. Wine is wine, gone in a moment. Christ's love is My love, and it lasts forever.

There are people with certain powers and talents who may be very sincere. They are not trying to delude you. Only they are not aware of the extent of their individual egos and its dominance in their lives. They do not mean to mislead. They themselves are misled. They do not mean to dupe you. They themselves are duped.

And then there are also those who are aware of their self-interest. Their intent is not pure. From the outside, they may appear sincere and dedicated, but they are dedicated to themselves and their aggrandizement. They are in love with their own powers.

Regardless of intent, the result is the same. In practicality, it makes no difference if you give yourself over to the one who is sincere or the one who is self-serving. You are not to give yourself over. You are not to give anyone the added power of power over you. Keep your own self-power, beloveds. Let not your mind become indentured to another's mind.

I will compare this to your buying a product. You see something advertised on TV. It is advertised so well, looks so promising, that you start to believe you have to have it. And so you buy the cosmetic or the gadget or the dress because of what you believe the purchase of it will do for you. When what you ordered arrives, your fascination may already be diminished. In any case, sooner or later, what you bought is no longer the wonder you thought it would be. You begin to see it now as mere make-up, mere gadget, mere dress. It is not the answer to all that you were seeking.

And sometimes you do this with people, with programs of study etc. You look for something to be the answer to your life, and you have been disappointed. Beloveds, no matter how sincere you are, you are also looking to be aggrandized.

Will you kindly remind yourselves that you have Me, and you have Truth, and you need no mortal being to puff you up?

You possess all the Greatness in the world, beloved. You are made of it. Learn all you want to learn, but keep yourself intact. Honor the Greatness within you. This is another way of saying, Do not give too much of yourself away. Know who you are, Take care in what you spend your money on, and take care of what your heart kneels down to.



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