HEAVEN #2590 Listening for God in One's Heart

When you hear Me so faintly saying to do something or not to do something, or to stay or to leave, will you kindly give some credence to the message you hear even if so faintly? Will you let not the moment pass? There is something in it for you. Be assured this is not to incur fear in you, not at all. Nothing is at stake except you didn't strike when the iron was hot. Life is so full of its blessings for you, a million more messages will come again. Opportunity is always knocking, beloveds. And, yet, there is not one you want to miss.

Sometimes you hear a faint whisper, and you don't listen to it. You listen to your convenience first, or to your laziness, or because who knows why. You don't even know why. Have no regrets, beloved, and, yet, next time you hear that whisper, get up, find it, and do accordingly. The whisper tells you of a blessing for yourself or a blessing for another. Get up, beloveds, right away and shower yourself with golden leaves of My love.

I am always talking to you, and you don't even hear. And sometimes, even when you hear, you don't listen. It is like this in the way of the world.

It is such a little thing, beloved, to follow My Will. My Will is not a lightning bolt. It is a little flash like a firefly. Sometimes you're not even sure you saw a firefly until it lights up again and again.

And so it is with the flashes of messages I send to you on the wireless of the Universe. Dit dot dit dit move My fingers on the keyboard, so softly, so delicately, sometimes almost imperceptibly. It is very rare that I would speak in a loud tone. Mostly I speak in whisper, even unwhispered whisper. Mostly I speak in a very quiet voice that you have to lean toward in order to hear. Well worth it, to listen for My Voice. I whisper so quietly sometimes it comes to you only as a nudge, just the quietest of pokes in your ribs, even just an itch, an inkling almost unsounded, so quick you can miss it.

Of course, you don't want to miss any message of Mine. You don't want any blessing to slip between your fingers. Dear ones, there is the sense in which you can skip the messages. Even unheard, they have imperceptibly entered your heart and don't leave easily. Yet favor listening.

I am not sensitive about your reception of Me. I just keep pressing the keys of the wireless, knowing that soon, you will pick up. Soon you will begin to hear the sweet music of My call to you. "Hello, beloved," I say. "Do you hear Me? Do you like hearing Me? Will you let me know you hear Me? Will you send Me a message back? Will you kindly get up and do that which I ask you to, for I give you messages to deliver. May I count on you? Will you express My every thought through you? Will you speak for Me even when you don't exactly hear? Will you follow My Will even when you don't hear or see or know what My Will is? Will you simply follow Me, your heart of love? Will you be wedded to My thought and My love? Will you be Mine and give Me to the all the world so that all may follow My joy as well?"



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