HEAVEN #2591 Just Being on Earth

I think today I will just smile at you and enjoy My lovely creation. Today you and I - We will just amble wherever We amble. There is nothing We have to accomplish today. All We have to do is to be, and to be in each other's company. We hold hands and take a stroll today. It matters not where. We have no business to take care of, no lessons to learn. We have nothing to do but point out the sights. We can ooh and aah.

There is nothing that is urgent. There is nothing that can't wait until tomorrow. Today, there is no pressure. Today, procrastination cannot exist. All We have to do is to enjoy. It's not that We HAVE to enjoy. If We think We have to, already the joy is less. So there is nothing We have to do today. We have no To-Do list, no shopping list, nothing We have to remember today and nothing We have to forget. Today will simply be the day it wants to be, no shackles, no boundaries, a day in the open air, the sun on Our back.

We don't have to play, and We don't have to work. It is possible that the less We strive, the more that is accomplished. Today, in any case, we take away all effort, all striving, and intensity, all rushing. Our mind-set removes all worry, tension, fretting. Where can these enter when We are sitting under an umbrella at the beach? Or perhaps We are sitting on a branch of a magnolia tree, swinging our legs.

Today We laze in the sun.

Today We sip cool lemonade or hot chocolate, whatever We prefer. It is not even that we have to prefer. We don't mind what the day serves. It's all okay.

Today We seek no diversions, nor do We run away from them.

Today We can be like children and play in the sandbox or in the mud or in the pool. We don't care which. It makes no difference to Us, for whatever We do today, We do together.

Together on this day, time does not exist. We have no consciousness of it. We are not even conscious of timelessness. We are out of time and in a lazy bliss today. We are aware of joy, and that is about it. No promises for today, no expectations, no explanations. The day will speak for itself. This is a day that will go down in history because it is a day for joy only. No determinants were decided on. No menu planned in advance.

Today We eat when We feel like it. No schedule to adhere to. Hurray, today school is out. There are no jobs to go to. We sit on the swing in the backyard. We don't even have to swing. We can swing if We like, and We can just sit if We like, for today is a day off from anything that weighs our days down. We have taken a day off today.

A day like today may become like a pattern. Let every day be like this. We will get done what is necessary to get done, but what, beloveds, what really has to be done? Let Us enjoy at work and play. Let Us enjoy as if there nothing more important to do.

Enjoy this day off with Me, beloveds, and then you will be rested for tomorrow, and enjoy tomorrow too. No longer will there be days of effort and stress and strain. What possible use for them can there seriously be? What cannot wait, or what cannot be done as We skip along singing a Day Song, happy for its unfolding. It opens itself to Us as a rose opens itself. We will be in full bloom today. We will be like the full moon, silent, content, not doing much but being there in the sky, only We will be silent and content not doing much, just being on Earth.



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