HEAVEN #2592 Sometimes You Have to Get Up and Say Good-bye

Boundlessness is Our natural state. We, you and I, long for boundlessness. Of course, I don't long for it, for I am That. Yet so contrary is life on Earth, that you who are made of beautiful boundlessness, must set boundaries. Not only do you come up against boundaries in life that you don't want, you also sometimes have to set boundaries you don't want. What a contradiction Human life is. Boundlessness is your aim, and yet you must set boundaries. There are lines you cannot go over, and there are lines you must set where no one else may tread. You do not want to be quick to take offense, and yet you do not let someone walk all over you.

You cannot solve every situation on Earth. You cannot always prevent. As much as you and I desire peace, good will, all kinds of harmony, sometimes it is necessary for you to walk away, not in anger, not in distress, but simply walk away. In the finiteness of the moment, you know when it is time to leave. The party is over. Rather than embrace a brawl, you simply walk away. You do not have to stay in an untowardly situation to the bitter end.

No one likes to break off past associations, and yet who wants to continue in disharmony? You gave a relationship your best, and now it is at an end. You do not have to wait until it ends itself, or someone else ends it. Sometimes you end it. I am all for peace but not for weak pretense.

You are facing your feelings, and you are facing that, despite all good intentions, something isn't working in anyone's favor. The price you pay for continuance is too costly. There is a line beyond which you will not go. Not in stubbornness, but in honesty.

Start from the premise of good will, and yet, when a situation is false, acknowledge it to yourself.

Some associations end without your even being aware until you realize you and your friend haven't spoken in a long time. Sometimes you consciously close a door beyond which you will not go. It is no favor to you or another to pretend an alliance that no longer exists. The alliance dissolved itself. Alliance had perhaps become unarmed conflict, and now you say, "Adieu."

Absolutely seek harmony, and, at the same time, acknowledge where you are at in terms of Human life. You will not waste energy any longer. You will not pretend that an association is not over. You had a desire for a long and fruitful relationship, but when the fruit has dried in the kitchen, you do not pretend it is still hanging on the tree.

And so you acknowledge what already is and do not disallow what is already apparent. The day is over.

Sometimes an employer has to let someone go, not in anger, but in recognition that to continue is no favor . You want to be benevolent, but when a situation is at an end, it is benevolent for you to recognize the closure and that it is benevolent of you to establish it. To be kind does not mean to tolerate that which no longer serves. There are honest goodbyes. There are times when you have to get up and say, "Enough."



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