HEAVEN #2595 The Year of Love

You ride the waves of My heart. It is easy and effortless. You can do it no-handed. There is nothing you have to hold on to ride the waves of love. It is free-fall, and yet it is not a fall. It is high-rising. Yes, ride the waves of My heart. There is no heart that is not Mine.

You may ask about hard-hearted hearts, uncaring hearts, dried-up hearts. Such hearts have been deceived. They are under the illusion that their heart is a weapon or shield and that they must use it so, and therefore they restrain the heart's inherent love.

Beloveds, I made hearts equal. Do not disturb what I have made.

If your heart has become cold, then you must go to the depths, for the warmth has only been covered up. Uncover it. Rekindle it. Warm it up. You can sweeten your heart. Talk nice to it. Give it a hand. Give it a little mental massage with fingers of warm thoughts. Start loving your heart. Have the intention that your heart will warm up in line with your intention. If your heart can grow cold, it can grow warm. Regain your heart. Pick it up. Revive it. What is chilled can be warmed. Picture your heart as molten gold. A stream of gold will start to run through your veins.

A cold heart nourishes greed. If your heart is cold, you have deprived it. Now fill it up with embers of love, not ashes. Stop shielding your heart, and it will ignite. It will burn brightly again. There is no heart so frozen that it cannot come out of the deep freeze.

A cold heart is a frightened heart. It is frozen in fear. It is temporarily in cold storage.

A heart you call selfish just hasn't been used enough. It is a beginner. It is awkward. It stays close to home. It is afraid of being lost.

All the while, beloveds, you are to lose your heart. You are not to keep it. It is meant to be given away. It is not your heart, after all. It is Mine. What would a heart of Mine being doing in a storage vault? What would a heart of Mine be doing unused in a corner?

So a heart set aside is a heart forgotten.

And now, beloveds, let's remember hearts and treat them with courtesy, the one in your chest, and the one in others'.

Hearts are like the Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one.

My heart echoes in yours.

My Heart of Oneness has captured yours, and now your heart comes out of hiding. Your heart is rushing to the forefront now. Do you feel its beat? That is My heart beating in yours. No heart beats by itself. No heart is a stranger to another. No heart wins, and no heart loses.

Do not protect your heart. Your heart is the best of you. Have a ripe heart bursting with love the way, when you bite into a ripe plum, the plum bursts forth its juice. Your warm heart is ready to burst with all the love contained in it. It knows its place in the Universe now.

This is the Year of Love, beloveds. It has started. The end of what you call 2007 followed by 2008 is a high wave of love, and you are to ride on this wave-swell. You can handle a Tsunami wave of My heart's love very well. You do not need to brace yourself for it.

Come, catch this wave. Soar with it, and all hearts will be following yours, hanging on to yours as it were. My heart of love within yours has enough love to lift everyone to the heights of Heaven. Begin lift-off now.


Rob Meyer 2nd January 2008 7:15 pm

"When two people are at one in their inmost hearts, their words are sweet and strong, like the fragrance of orchids." ~ Confucius

I write the words of another with tears in my eyes.

Thank you dear,
Rob aka Two Eagles, Wolf Clan, Earthship Central. Namaste...peace, love, and plenty to all beings.


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