HEAVEN #2596 Life Is for the Choosing

What prevents you from doing what you have already decided to do? Once decided, what prevents you from leaping into action? Vowing and doing belong together. Do not make vows you will not keep, not even to yourself. And do not say, "I do," unless your heart is in it.

When you see the need for an action, why procrastinate? If there is a hard truth you need to tell, then speak it. Do you not think your thoughts are heard anyway? The time has past, beloveds, for putting crumbs under the carpet. It is better that the crumbs be out in the open so they can be swept away.

Do not keep the past with you. If something needs to be cleaned up, clean it. It is your life I am speaking of. Throw out what has to be thrown out. You can read this on many levels. Let go of the accumulated past. Some of My beloved children are in situations that they may need to remove themselves from. Do not let fear be your guide.

When you are afraid of missteps, you keep your life on hold.

If you feel imprisoned in a situation, what are the bars, beloveds, but your own fear? You stalemate yourself.

When you have had enough of the known in the world, it may be time to step into the unknown in the world. Maybe you won't be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Maybe you will be jumping from the frying pan into the meadow.

Don't be rash is good advice. Don't sit on the fence forever is also good advice. Sitting on the fence is not comfortable. You do not serve yourself nor others when you sit on the fence. Nor do you serve anyone when you have your feet in two boats, particularly when the boats are going in two different directions.

Yes, of course, there is nothing you have to do. It is all choice. What to keep and what to let go of are your choices. No choice is maybe not a good choice, however. Life is for the choosing, and you are the one to choose.

If a picture on the wall is crooked, you get up and fix it without a backward thought. When it comes to life, you hesitate. You say to yourself: "Better the trouble I have than the one I don't." When you think that way, no wonder it is hard to live up to decisions. Who would trade in an old banged-up car for another one of the same ilk? Of course, you don't really know a car until you have driven off in it. Consider the adage, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." It is possible that you have been thinking too much in the vein of looking before you leap. That will keep you where you are. Life is not a toss-up, yet sometimes you simply have to choose.

Of course, theory is one thing. Life itself is another. Are you choosing between theory and life? Are you perhaps trading happiness for a self-image of high-mindedness?

The life you live is yours. It is not someone else's. Therefore, wait not for permission to live your life. Give yourself permission. Don't let your life hang out to dry.

Play the waiting game for only so long, unless waiting is the decision you choose to make. If you prefer to live your life by default, then let that be your conscious choice and not something that you notice later on and wonder about.



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