HEAVEN #2602 Let There Be Laughter

Something beautiful is going to happen. You are going to happen. Rather, you are just going to be. A non-event is going to happen. You are going to radiate the light you are. You are going to dazzle yourself, for you are going to begin to see the light in which you stand. You are like the Statue of Liberty, and it is you who will welcome all who come to the shores of a Magic Land all paved with gold.

As good as it is to be a welcomer, you will be more. You will be the entranceway. All the ships will enter through your heart. That is the course that has been set and which you are just about to fulfill. Do not think that this cannot be possible. It is more than possible. It is imminent. One morning very soon, you are really going to wake up to what I created when I created you.

You will find yourself immersed in bright light. You will not be able to get out of it. Heretofore, you have been good at closing your eyes and disregarding the brightness of the light you inevitably are. Shortly, you will see the immeasurable Light you stand in. This isn't something you make of yourself, for this is the Light that you are, that you irremediably are, indelibly are, eternally and presently are, the Light that I made you of, from the Center of Creation in the innermost deliciousness of My Heart.

Beloveds, you have thought you have been waiting at a bus stop, forgetting for a moment that you never got off the bus! You were always on it. You dozed a little.

This created world was created for you. This is a created world of beauty. You have seen amiss. Too many have seen amiss, so you have spotted trouble. Your eyesight was not good. You had on the wrong glasses. Now you throw them off, and now you see, and now you are, and now you love.

Troubles of the world came because My Heart's Creation, those Created Beings such as you, did not see that they were, indeed, the Light of the World. They saw darkness instead, and so from this darkness of thought, a shadow fell upon Earth. It was a shadow of nothing, and yet it was a shadow nevertheless, and it loomed large, this shadow of dark thought.

And now the light is revealed, and shadows are revealed as the nothingness they are! The veil that covered the brightness has fled. The moment it was unveiled, it was gone. The darkness was no big deal, even though a big deal was made of it. The darkness did not even exist. It was imagined, and a soap opera was acted out. A lot of people attended. Now, the soap opera is over. The real show is beginning.

And what will herald the beginning of the New World's Debut? It will be laughter, beloveds. You will find you are laughing more. Sometimes, even seated by yourself, alone in your room, you will think of something, and you will start laughing. You may not even think of something. You may not know what you are laughing about. You will only know that you are laughing, laughing, laughing. Rumbles of your laughter will reverberate all over the world. Smiles will arise.

The sound of this Great Light that is dawning is laughter. Laughter.

I said, "Let there be light." And there was light.

And now I say, "Let there be laughter. Let it bounce off the rafters. Let there be Great Laughter." And there will be laughter.



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