HEAVEN #2603 This Way to God

Do you not have a lot to laugh about? Well, then, start laughing. Be known for your laugh. Let laughter be known. Is not Human Life cause for laughter, all its predicaments, perplexities, preposterousness, and all that for naught? I say for naught, because all the chains of suffering are not necessary. Love is necessary. Love alone is. Pride is not necessary. Amassment of possessions is not necessary. Splatterdash is not necessary. All your involvement is not necessary. Let your life spin. Know it as a spinning top, and let it spin. Be present without over-presence, over-involvement, overdoing, over-exactness, over-supervision.

You may not like to hear this, but your life is not so serious as you seem to think. Will you take your life as fun instead? Can you not take your life as a spin down Lover's Lane? What is this seriousness that you are so bent on declaring? You point to your life as the most serious of all.

In life, you toddle off in your car and see where you wind up. Your body is your vehicle. Your life is the lane you drive on. The fuel is love. It is so simple, this life that you see as complex. Certainly, your life is intricately woven. But complex? No, simple. Just something you are to observe, foster, move within. Do not have bated breath while the wheels of your life turn. Merry-go-round or Roller Coaster, you are on the ride you are on. Your life is a wisdom and love machine. It is an intertwining of hearts. Let your life be your Valentine to the world. Why, yes, even let it be a humorous Valentine. Why not laugh? Why weep?

Have the idea that your life is to be a sprint, a hop, a skip, and a jump. Twirl that jump rope. Lift that bale. Have a good time. Decide that you will enjoy life. Decide that you are starting out on the ride of your life, and you will make it a joy ride.

Surely, your ride will be interesting. It does not have to be intense. If you did not take life so seriously, it would not be intense. Unpressure your life. Let some of the air out of the tires so your ride is smooth. Okay, yes, there will be bouncing, but the bouncing doesn't have to take you off course. Stay on the Lover's Lane and never get off. Drive straight ahead. All arrows point to Me.

I see you coming to Me, coming to Me in your awareness. I feel the beat of your heart. I know the beat of your pulse, and I know the deepest desires of your heart, and that the deepest of all is to pursue yourself until you find Me. I lure you on. I do not mislead, beloveds. Where I lure you to is where you want to be.

Come full blast ahead or be a slow driver. Regardless, you are on your way to Me as you are already here on My front porch, as it were. You wait for something, a ticket perhaps. Do not stand on ceremony, beloveds. Come right in. I usher you to My heart, and I ask you to stay. There is no reason not to stay with Me. All you have to do, when you feel a distance from Me, even if it is only a millionth of an inch you feel, is to remember where I am, and that is in the heart of you. Even a millionth of an inch away in your awareness is too far.

Remember, there is no time, no space. There is nowhere you can be but in My heart. There is a sign that reads This Way to God. Your laughter puts up that sign.


Rob Meyer 10th January 2008 12:56 pm


Rita Adamovich 12th January 2008 11:10 pm

Oh Thank you so much for reminding me. I've had some unbelievably huge laughs this week in the midst of "serious" event after "serious" event and I think some of my friends and family think I'm a tad nuts to be laughing when it APPEARS that my life is imploding. Funnily enough, "things" have gone incredibly smoothly ! Hoorah !


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