HEAVEN #2604 Shine On, O Harvest Moon!

The key word from now on is light, light in every meaning of the word. Fabulous brightness lightly on your shoulders. When there is light and a light touch, there is no burden. Rescue yourself from burden with My light in all its forms and meanings.

I said: "Let there be light."

And I sent you to the planet Earth to reflect My light lightheartedly.

Will you forego seriousness now? Once and for all? Will you become lighthearted in service to Me?

Will you be spunky and delightful and just so much fun? Who told you it was important to be somber, and to be somber, of all things, about Me!

Love Me, culture Me, and let's play, you and I. Let's have a good time while we're at it. Has there not been enough seriousness? You can be respectful to God, country, life without being so serious. I wish frowns had never been invented. Only smiles from now on, beloveds. Smile right now as We converse in dance time, fun time, love time.

You are like a diamond of light. I tossed you up and you landed lightly on Earth. Light landed lightly. And yet you had to brush yourself off. Please know the light you are, the light you are made of. Go ahead and sparkle. Sparkle for all you are worth. Sparkle for all I am worth. Sparkle to the world's content.

Shine on, O Harvest Moon!

Glow, beloveds. Be the Moon to My Sun. Reflect Me. Oh, how I want you to reflect Me. That should not be hard. That should be easy. All you have to do is to let My light within you shine like sunborne light on ocean waves. Ripple My light, beloveds. Ripple. Ripple. Sparkle. Sparkler. Twinkle, twinkle, Big Star.

You carry more than a halo of light. You are light entire. Yes, light entire. Unending light. Beautiful bright light. Lighted heart. Lighted mind. My belighted child, be the light you are. Be it for all the world to see.

You say you would if you knew how. No more excuses now. Desire, intend to let your light show. Forsake shyness. Now stand in the bright light of Oneness once and for all. You stand right next to Me. You have My light surrounding you. Besides that, My light of love is entirely within you. How can you not shine My light brightly? What would prevent you?

Once you were ignorant, but you are no longer ignorant. Now you know you are Star Bright, Sun Light. You are not a remnant of light. You are the Original Light Itself. No longer be a shadow of yourself. Be the prism of light that you are.

High noon or midnight, shine your light.

Your light is not on a timer. Your light is not a Christmas light that blinks on and off. You are that bright star at the top of the Christmas tree. Actually, you are much brighter and much more lasting light than that. Your light does not go in a box to wait for the next Christmas season. You are Eternal Light.

You are the light of My heart, which is to say, you are the love of My heart. Do you possibly think that My love does not stay on? I have no circuit-breakers. There is nothing that can interrupt My love. Do you possibly think that the power of My love is so weak that anything can make a dent in it? Do you possibly think that the light of My love runs on batteries that need to be replaced?

Open your eyes, beloveds. See My light everywhere. That means My light shining from you too.


Rob Meyer 12th January 2008 3:01 pm

Me? I wonder who God is that He thinks reflection is a receptive attribute. How would He know who He is but for the Moon? I'm just here to remind You of Your follies, oh "Great Creator". When did You know that You exist? I knew before You looked into my eyes.

Namaste, Two Eagles - Wolf Clan - Earthship Central


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