HEAVEN #2611 This Moment of Eternal Love

Are you beginning to see the gifts that I send to you on every day of the year? In every hour, in every moment? The gifts are there, beloveds. Some you can't help noticing. Others you may need to be on the lookout for. Look for little signs of my love strewn along your path like bread crumbs.

There are many gifts left along the way for you that you did not see. It is necessary for you to see the gifts in order to know that I thought of you with Great Love. I cannot think of you in any other way. Your eyes race over my gifts and notes, perhaps intent on something else. I tell you that today you will trip over blessings when you are on the lookout for them.

Now, you can't be demanding the blessings. You can't start out by thinking: "Okay, God, where are they? God, You say they're here. I don't see them."

When you feel tense or demanding in this way, how clearly can you see? You may have your mind made up that I perhaps don't know what I'm talking about, that I can't possibly know what your life is like, or you cannot imagine I would have the effrontery to tell you to look for gifts from the Universe.

I do know what your life is like. Therefore, I urge you most of all to start looking for the gifts I have sent you and that you perhaps previously overlooked. They are right out in the open.

Hunt for these gifts, not in the way a hunter hunts wild game, but rather like a lovely soul in a meadow looking for butterflies in the summer, or, perhaps, like a child on an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. The child knows that his mother or father tucked little gifts for him all over the yard. He has no doubt at all. That's how you want to spend your day as well. Have no doubt. Know that good by the bushels is on its way to you.

Let your eyes be like the sunlight that looks over the whole horizon and doesn't miss one spot.

Let your eyes look with love and miss nothing.

Let the treasures of life enter your vision and enter your heart. I say, "Amen." I say. "Amen," every day about you. I am so grateful for the sight of you. What else can I possibly be?

When I see you in some kind of disquiet, I do not love you less. I do not apportion less love to you. If you have thought of yourself as unlucky, will you now please start thinking of yourself as lucky? Lucky you. You have God in your corner. You have God rooting for you. Beloveds, I am your Greatest Fan. I love you more than all the tea in China. I love you more than all the ways love can express itself. I love you as I love the whole wide world, and, oh, I love. Be loved. Be My beloved. Be My One. You are the One I love. My love has never skipped a beat. Oh, yes, We can come back to your not seeing or listening, yet My love is the One Constant in the world. No matter what, rain or shine, you are surrounded with My love. You are inundated with it. You are caught in the embrace of My love. You are like the gentle butterfly I have caught in my net of love. Of course, I have caught you only to let you go, and then catch you in My embrace again and again. How carefully I hold you to My breast. You are caught in the beat of My heart. You are caught in this present moment of Eternal Love.


heavenssgirl 18th January 2008 1:21 pm

I love receiving God's gifts along my life path. They generally come to me in shapes of hearts, sometimes rocks, sometimes leaves, I see hearts everywhere and they remind me of God's love for me. Always after I meditate a bird comes to me and sits on a nearby branch and looks at me. God again. So many wonderful blessings in just our daily life to find and see. I do my best to stay open to Gods everyday blessings and enjoyed reading this particular Heavensletter.


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