HEAVEN #2615 The Bright Sunshine of Truth

You don't see what is always in front of you. You got so used to seeing what you always saw that you no longer see what is all around you. You have been so good at camouflage that you have worshipped it. You wrapped yourself up in what was not you, and you began to believe in your own idolatry. The world is the other god you have put before Me, is this not true? Have you not made the world your master? Have you not adhered to all its designs and commandments? You did not learn selfishness and greed from Me beloveds, all that sort of camouflage of the world. You really took it as gospel, and you forsook the Truth of you.

The world you live in and worship is not the world I created. True, you have all the sunshine and hills and dales and oceans and all kinds of wonderfulness that I created, but you have covered it up with illusion upon illusion, illusion on top of illusion in a world of illusion. Is not all the commerce illusion? Well, what is it if not illusion? You have illusion as the mainstay, as if you could not exist without it. You may think you give only lip service to what is referred to as the almighty dollar, and yet you kid yourself even more. You like to think that you are above greed in any form and do only what you have to do in order to survive.

Now your faith in the world as observed has begun to falter, and you are dismayed. What can you believe in when the mighty thongs of commerce loosen themselves and fall from your grasp?

Now you begin to see through illusion. Now you can only bounce on it like a trampoline. The imagined world you have been dedicated to has become a wild sea that bounces you back and forth, and you do not know how to pretend any longer that the bread and butter of the world are, indeed, your bread and butter.

You begin to see that you are made for manna from Heaven and not crumbs from the world as the world has been making itself known, as it has been advertising itself in wayward backward ways.

Let's get back to honest truth which is love for all beings, which is loving all as brothers and sisters and all the meaning this entails, not so much loving another as yourself exactly, but as loving One Self above all the world. This newness of Being does not take away any joy, beloveds. Now your heart becomes a balloon of great joy, a balloon that keeps rising and bursts through the bounds of the world and finally and irredeemingly knows what a heart is and what it always was and was always for, for now your heart steps into the Light of Heaven and is filled with the light it was made for, which you were made for, and now your heart and you see your Identify for all it is worth. You truly do have a soul, and it is not makeshift. It is sturdy and eternal. You look into the mirror of Heaven, and you begin to see your true reflection. You see Me as an underlay of you. You see One Mind and One Heart, and you clap your hands, and you sing a new song, and you dance a new dance, and you live a new life.

This, then, is what We call Awakening. You are awakening once and for all, and no one is left behind, sleeping or drowsy or anything at all that is not the Bright Sunlight of Truth.


Christos 22nd January 2008 1:45 pm

Now that's Divine Timing !

Beautifully done.

Love to All.


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