HEAVEN #2616 This Is the Only Thing You Have to Know

There isn't any revelation that cannot reach the hollows of your heart. There is not one thing in Heaven or on Earth that cannot appear in your heart. There is not one blessing that cannot be deep in your heart. All manifestations of love can live in your heart. This is what your heart was made for. All My beautiful messages are sent to your dear heart and are reachable there.

One message of love is reaching you right now. Your heart is eager to receive My love. It is gulping at the chance. Your heart beats for this splendid opportunity that is before it right now.

There are dozens of messages on their way to your heart. Dozens, trillions! All the messages I have ever sent continue to crisscross the Universe. All of my energy whizzes through the Universe. There is no heartbeat I miss.

This is very easy for Me to communicate with you. I can do it without thinking. My love beats a tune, and My message is sent. It reaches the sun and the moon and the stars. It reaches the farthermost limb of a tree, and it reaches the bird sitting there. How do you propose that any one of My messages would not reach you?

All of My messages are of the same timbre. My vibration is high. Attune yourself to this high vibration of My love so you will not make the mistake to think for one second that you are ever without it. As I live and breathe, so do you. As I move through the Universe, so do you. As light alights on the Earth, so does My love alight on you.

It wouldn't matter if you wore armor, My love would reach you just the same.

Even if you closed your heart tight, boarded it up, put clamps around it, My love would reach you just the same.

Even if you turned your back to Me, My love would not be fazed.

Even if you disbelieved in My Being, My love would overtake you just the same.

Can you possibly conceive that anything is more powerful than My love for you? If that has been thought, was there ever a more ridiculous thought in the mind of man?

How many ways shall I tell you I love you? When will you capitulate and say, "Uncle," or, rather, say, "God. Okay, God. You win. You love me."

And when will you capitulate and mean it, mean it when you admit that you accept that I do really and truly love you, love you with all My heart, love you as if there were never ever anything in the world except this marvelous love for you, this eager vibrant love for you that is above all the world.

And when will you lift up your eyes and admit, "Why, God, I love You too! God, I find I love You. I find that Your love is irresistible. Why, God, I am capable of loving too!"

When will you confess your love for Me? When will you become undaunted enough with My love and your love that you will consign that they are One Indivisible love made for all the world to know and all the world to see, and all the world to declare?

When will you put up billboards in your heart that say: "God is love, and so am I"?

Say it three times: "God is love, and so am I. God is love, and so am I. God is love, and so am I."

Now, what else is there for Me to say and for you to know?


Laura Best 23rd January 2008 7:52 am

Please forgive me, I'm sorry. I love you. Thank you. LB


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