HEAVEN #2620 God Speaks to Me of Love

Let Me speak to you of love:

If you must have a need, then let your need be to reveal love. Do not have the idea that you must find love, receive love, tally up love for any reason. Your focus is on the giving of love. This is what you have in mind. You are bent on giving love. You lean toward the sun, that is all it is. You do not put a shade over the sun of your heart. You open the shutters wide. You have no shutters. You took them off long ago. You don't even know what you did with them, yet you know they are nowhere to be found. Only the sun can be found, and the sun needs no permission to shine. Rain or shine, the sun shines. And so are you the sunshine of My Creation.

Now what do you say:

"Dear God, in every situation, I will consider that love is for me to give. This is my responsibility, to give love, plain and simple. The love may be silent, yet I will give it. If I have a kind word to give, I will give it. I will not be a do-gooder, but I will do good. I understand that it is not my inky-dinky love that I give, dear God. I understand very well that it is Your love I give through me. It is a little enough thing I do to pass on your love. You asked me to give it. You told me I would have much opportunity to give it and that You would help me rise to the occasion.

"In accordance with Your wishes, no longer do I even think about what love may be due me. That is the farthest thing from my mind. I have a cash account of love that You placed in the bank of my heart. You asked me to spend it, not to make a big show of it, but to spend it nevertheless. I am not even to count the love I give. I am to just give it without a tally. And so I gladly spend the love account you bequeathed to me. You bequeathed it to me as Your heir. I can never cash out this account. I can never spend it foolishly, for, by the love I give, I am enriched. I cannot extend Your love without feeling the flow of Your love tripping from my heart. What more would I ask to feel but that?

"I do not make myself a saint. I spend Your love, that's all. I give myself the pleasure of giving Your love. There is no occasion that does not require Your love, and, somehow, in Your love and wisdom, You gave me this account in trust. You have trust that I will spend it according to Your Will. You will me to be an avid spender of this bank account You gave to me. You do not question my spending. You keep no account of it. You do not call me to task. You have told me that it is the most natural thing in the world that I spend the love You have so generously given to me to spend.

"You told me that You would send many to me who need a sign of Your love. They have it to give just as much as I do, yet they have not yet understood to divest themselves of the love. They have squeezed tight the love You gave to them, and so the love within them goes out only in starts and spurts. Some have the idea that love is to come in first before they give some away. They have become accountants of love, CPA's of love. And so You have asked me to show them by my example to consider love one way only. It is all to be Exit. Love must exit the heart so there is plenty of space for a new supply to enter. Now I am concerned only with the Exit of love and not the Entrance, for You are the One Who without fail will surge My heart with more love to give.

"I thank You, dear God, for entrusting me with Your love."



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