HEAVEN #2622 Only a Corner of Life

Summer sun or winter snow, life is simply life. It is like Old Man River who just keeps rolling along. There is a steadiness to life. Life doesn't run out of itself, beloveds. Life is The Little Engine That Could.

Life meets you every day. It at least meets you half-way. Sometimes you do want life to sweep you up, and other times you don't, yet life rolls along for you. It wants to be considered your friend. Certainly, life does not want to be taken for an adversary.

Life kind of feels that it is a controversial subject with you, that you have an on and off romance with it. One day it is in your good graces, and another you spurn it, yet life is doing nothing but rolling along. The scenery may be different. Sometimes the weather is hot or it is cold. Sometimes you feel that life is a barrel going over Niagara Falls, and you are inside the barrel being bumped plenty at the mercy of circumstance, and yet, there is no turning off life. There is no switch for it. The whole sum and substance of life is life itself. It is an energy, and that energy just keeps rolling along, taking you with it, not exactly like cargo, even though you sometimes think so.

There has been a tendency for you to see a chewed corner of life. You see that corner as life unmistakable, yet a corner is hardly the whole extent The caboose is not the whole train. There is more to life than the last car you happen to see. There is a powerful engine that moves life. Hop on that train, beloveds, and see where it takes you. While you are along for the ride, you might as well sit back and enjoy the sights you pass.

And when you get off the present train and hop onto another, you are still infinitely you. Of course, a much more enlightened you. Of course, you have a lot more ahead of you. A hot fudge sundae is made of more than the cherry on top. To know what a hot fudge sundae is, you have to eat the whole thing. You might as well, and you might as well savor every mouthful of life. It is not true that you pass this way only once. Dearest child, you are eternally infinitely passing this way. There is no getting off. The next turn may bring you to the most glorious peak of all.

Whatever you may feel at one infinitesimal moment, the ride is short. It is too short to miss any of it. It is too ungrateful of you to push it aside. Don't close your eyes. Drink in the sights. Keep your eyes wide open. You cannot fall. Even when you think you're on a wild ride, you cannot fall. You can only be in life wherever you may think you are and whatever you make of it.

Life does not always appear to you as a bed of roses, nor does it always appear as a bed of nails. Maybe it is like one of those mattresses that is self-fitting. Make yourself at ease, beloveds.

No, beloveds, do not try to bail out of the ship. Do not even contemplate it. From life you can only go into life. Okay, life may not always come dressed as a bowl of cherries. It may even seem empty to you. Then it is for you to fill the bowl.

Beloveds, pick life and fill the bowl with it. Make life a delicious bowl of granola.



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