HEAVEN #2623 Love One Another

There is one race on Earth, beloveds, and it is the Human Race. All the other names and denominations are superficial demarcations, rather like a red dress or brown dress or white dress or A-line or dirndl or sailor dress. A dress is a dress. A Human Being is a Human Being. Let Us better say that a Human Being is a Celestial Being. Angels on Earth are called Human Beings. Deep down, you must already know this is so.

What can you be doing here on Earth unless you are here for a high purpose? You are not here for nothing. You are here for something, and it is something so wonderful you can hardly put your finger on it.

First of all, you are here on Earth for Me. You laid down what you were doing and asked to follow My Divine Will. And so I set you on Earth. The only thing is that you have had a little amnesia. Not exactly amnesia, more like you're caught in the swell of a wave and don't quite know what's happening, how you got there, and what you are doing there in the center of a vortex. And so you spin around. It is like you are on a raft, and you go around in circles, not quite knowing anything but that you are going around in circles.

Rather than trying to get off, enjoy the spinning. The spinning is more like a spiral, and you go higher and higher until you are no longer spinning but rather spun radiance itself. You were made into spun sugar, and now you know sweetness. How well you know it.

Now you are where all questions are answered, even though you no longer have any questions. And now you love all as dearer than brothers. You see not those convenient demarcations any longer. This race, that race now are no more than saying north or south or any direction that the soul points to.

You are no longer a fuss-budget about this or that. Anything can be the way it is. By what reckoning would you decide that one natural consideration is better than another? What folly is this?

One day, someone got out of bed and decided that one color was better than another, and another was less, and his theory caught on. Beloveds, you definitely were not born to become snobbish and like a know-it-all.

It will be good now to stop finding fault with Creation. I made no errors. I did not. Therefore, it must have been you who made an error. Is it hard for you to admit that you have made a mistake? Admit now. When you know you have a distance to travel, then you make progress. If you think it is all right to stay where you are with all the past as infallible, then you drown yourself in your own past.

Prejudice is pre-judgment. Have no judgment. Dispense with judgment. You don't need to be better than anyone else. And you are not. The idea that you are better than someone else is pure illusion. You may have thought: "God, this is the world. This is how it is here. There are sides, and I want to be on the most comfortable side."

I tell you very clearly that there are no sides, beloveds. How can there be sides when a line drawn between Oneness can only be faulty? You can't draw a line down through the middle of Oneness. There is no supremacy. Now, come out shaking hands. Love one another.



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