HEAVEN #2624 Laugh More, Cry Less

You complain about the contrast in life, yet the contrast, at present, is also what gives you joy. If you were never hungry, even the best meal would not heighten your heart nor appetite. If you were never hot, how would you know what it is to be cool? You have heard this argument.

Of course, contrast is a mystery to you. You wonder how there can be war and peace in the same world. How can there be such beautiful heart-warming people in the world and yet also those who are unkind and heartless? How can there be, at the same time, greed and generosity? How can joy and pain co-exist? The list goes on.

The day will come when the attributes to life on Earth that are not happiness-building will simply fall away. There just won't be the negativity any longer. This is happening now. You may not always see evidence of it, yet there is a growing field of all that you desire for yourself and for humanity. There will be no need for extremes. The world will have equanimity, and you will laugh more and cry less. All tears will be wiped away.

You will be able to appreciate without any need for contrast. Contrast will be old-fashioned thinking. There will not be the need for marked contrast nor will there be any perceived merit. There will still be colors and tastes. There will be enough contrast without a need for opposition. Contrast will be welcomed and loved, and no one will be set apart, and nothing set apart, no country set apart from another, for the world will practice its natural state of Oneness in full bloom. It will be springtime for the world of men.

Without greed, you will not eat too much, and so you will enjoy food. You will not eat too much nor too often. You will leave room for appetite. There will be food enough for all. There will be balance in every area of life rather than marked contrast.

There never was a need for war. The perceived need for war is diminishing. Desire for peace and abolishment of war is not just rhetoric now. No one will need war for the excitement of it. No one will need to make war, nor make a statement for war. The world will see more clearly. The world will be more at peace with itself. There will be no perceived need for uproar. Uproar will be seen as the foolishness it is.

Competitiveness will have left. Companionship will have gained. Cooperation and collaboration will be the lay of the land. Nothing else will be considered. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Nothing but goodness and mercy will occur to anyone.

All the goodness from hearts will pour forth. It is that simple. There will no longer be travesties of justice. Justice will not even be thought of. Love will be thought of. No longer will Human Beings imprison others, for they will know it is themselves they imprison.

When Oneness prevails, who would cut off his own head and call it justice? Common-sense compassion will fly its flag. There will be a consensus of hearts. Minds will not be stuck on themselves. Hearts will not be swayed. Angry minds will no longer exist. And if they did, no one would follow them. Puppies wag their tails and follow along, but man will follow the highest in his heart. That will be the only thing on Earth to follow.



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