HEAVEN #2636 God the Light

Everyone in the world is playing a role. In common parlance, there are the good guys and the bad guys. Sometimes it's not easy to tell them apart. Pretty much, everyone is an assortment of good guy/bad guy. You understand I am using the words good and bad lightly, as you use the words.

Sometimes you play one role or the other. Sometimes it depends on what scene you're in and who the other actors are.

So sometimes you wear the hat of hero, and sometimes the hat of villain. Regardless of whichever hat you wear, it is only a hat. The hat is not you. Nor does your happiness really lie in the role you play, or not for long. You may prefer one part or another. You may be better at one role or another. You may be a consummate actor. Yet, still, you are only an actor. Whether you are applauded or booed at, you are still a role-player. The applause and pans are for the role you play.

Sometimes you follow a script. Sometimes you ad lib. Sometimes it's a comedy, and sometimes a drama, yet all the plays are comedies of error, trial and error, as in life. The story is the thing. The play is the thing. Yet, really, it is the light within that is the thing. No matter how discernible nor dimmed the light within may be, it is the light that shines. Light -- therein hangs the tale.

In the world, you are involved in creative dramatics. On stage or off stage, you are an actor.

Your happiness does not lie in the role you play. There is an underground stream that runs beneath all the roles. This is light. This is love. I am 100%, 1,000% Infinite Love. I am God the Light. You may be caught up in the play. I am caught up in the Light. I do not play the roles you play. I am the underlying stream. I am not the Actor. Sometimes you play love scenes, and sometimes you play mayhem. It is not I who plays the love scenes nor is it I who commits mayhem. I cannot be less than I am, and I am love, not a scene, but love itself. An actor plays a role. I am not actor. You are an actor, yet the actor is not you either. Of course, I am called the Doer. I am the Doer. It is My pocket you pick. You can do nothing without Me. It is from My energy that you prance around on Earth. However, not everything you do is by My intention, beloveds. And yet I am the Mover.

There is a contradiction. My Will be done. You do not always do My Will. My Will is that you live in joy and happiness. Heroes and villains have their own definitions of what makes for happiness.

I created neither minor nor major indiscretions. Remember the free will I gave you. It is for you to use. Whatever you may feel is predestined, you are not locked into a role except, for a time, the role of Human Being. You can try out the role of angel any moment on Earth you choose. You are not locked into a role. You can switch roles. You can step off the stage. You can enter another theatre.

It is not with idle words that I say you can choose the role you wish to play.



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