HEAVEN #2637 Like the Still Waters

The value of being in a relaxed state is quintessential. You do not require tension in order to survive in the world. In fact, you will flourish better without it. Why then would a child of Mine choose tension? You already know this. When you physically trip over something and lose your balance, you know it is valuable to relax. You know you will have a gentler fall.

This is how it is in life too. When life trips you up, it's also best to relax on the way down. Whatever your situation, it is best to be easy with it. Have you really thought that tension is of benefit to you? The opposite is true. Who can think when he is tense? Tension ties you up in knots.

What trouble can there be when you relax? Yes, something untoward may befall, yet, when you stay relaxed instead of tense, you won't be devastated. Tense up, and any damage is going to be greater. This is as simple as adding one and one.

I understand that you cannot instantly turn off tension, yet you can have the intention that you will be at ease in every situation, that you will favor a state of relaxation in every situation, regardless of how you perceive it. Rather than perceive it as a stressful situation, perceive it as an opportunity for you to learn to relax and so be guided by a Higher Source.

When you stub your toe, must you swear? When you spill something, what is the need of getting tense about it? If you step in the mud, why be tense? If you break a glass, it is already broken. Why then set your mouth straight and tighten your face? That is no help at all. It is anti-help.

When your child spills something, what gain in there in your becoming cross about it? Perhaps your parents never taught you to roll with the punches, but your child can learn this from you as you bestow your own gift of ease in every situation. Just think, you don't have to get upset over any incursion. Just think, you can be a model to your child.

Is this a new idea to you that you don't have to get into a tizzy over every little thing and not even the big ones? Cannot life in all its forms and idiosyncrasies be palatable? You do not have to spit it out even though it's not to your taste. Most of the events in life are molehills, yet even when it is a mountain before you, do you not think you can scale it? Do you not think that you will get to the other side? Of course, you will come out the other side.

Whatever assails you, you will climb over. Nothing lasts forever in the relative world. And even if, by some chance, you cannot climb the mountain, are you not still you on this side of the mountain? When you lose a loved one, you are still you. You will be climbing a mountain, yes, and you will make progress. Pain becomes less intense. You get your sea legs for the ship of life again. When there is illness, you get better. In any case, one way or another, there is healing. The body may drop. You can only ascend. What good does tension do you anyway?

Even if you have a short time to live in your body, savor what there is.

How sweet life becomes when you consider that you might have only a day more? What earthly use is tension, beloveds? Will you consider letting go of it and being like the still waters?



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