HEAVEN #2641 Tapping Into Deeper Levels

Beloved Heavenreaders, there is only one reason to learn to Godwrite. It is not so that you can learn to be able to do it. It is not so you can mine the ability. Your purpose is greater than unleashing a skill where you write down My words.

Even in the matters of worldly things, you learn something for a purpose. You learn how to use a computer so you can use it. You don't learn it in order to have the skills alone. You learn to knit so you can knit something. Yes, talents are to be developed yet more than for the sake of a diploma.

If you want to consider Godwriting a power, that is fine, but powers of themselves are not much. If you want to learn to walk on water, it's possible you could. But why? To what avail? Of course, it could come in handy to save someone from drowning. Christ's God-given ability to love goes far beyond his ability to walk on water. By and large, there isn't anything you couldn't learn, but why unless there is a useful reason to do so?

If you really want to develop an outstanding ability, develop an ability to love. This serves great purpose.

There is only one purpose in learning to Godwrite, and that is so you can commune with Me. Can you think of a better reason?

Learn to Godwrite, and you can so easily and nicely, without any fanfare, lean into My heart and hear the beat of it. You can hear what I say. You can listen to Me. What more do you want, beloveds? What more is there that you can find in the world than to commune equally with your Father God?

The fact is that there is nothing for you to learn in order to Godwrite. There is only the letting go of whatever has stood in the way of Our easy camaraderie.

Do not think that this is the only way to communicate with Me, for there are subtler levels in which We already relay love and understanding back and forth, yet it is true that sometimes you miss a beat. Do you not think that when you love your baby, you are communing with Me? You most certainly are. When you plant a garden, from where cometh your joy? When you paint or compose music or do anything from the secret joy in your heart, what are you doing but communing with Me? What are you doing but listening in to the song in My heart?

But here's what I really want to tell you. I would like to suggest that you be not impressed with people who have what the world calls powers. Whether the power is a learned skill or spontaneous one, it doesn't matter. Like a skill and the possessor of it, but be not impressed by it. Do not put the person on a pedestal because of it. A skill is, after all, just a skill. A tapping into deeper levels is, after all, just a tapping into deeper levels.

All are messengers. All are great messengers. You are. You are a messenger. Some carry one message, and others carry another. Nevertheless, a messenger is a messenger. Because one delivers apples and another music -- what matters that? What is so impressive that one carries gold and another silver? Is it a big deal?

There is no big deal, beloveds. When there is Oneness, what is outstanding, and what is not outstanding?

Every single child of Mine has been given talents. Talents can also be learned. The teacher and the student are both learners. Be glad to learn, and leave awe behind you. Let Me awe you but not let any mortal. Save your awe for Me. All mortals are on equal footing. Do you understand Me?



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