HEAVEN #2642 The Circling Presence of Love

My beloveds, you are like a rainbow in the sky for Me. You are like a beautiful promise that presents itself to Me. You are My present I gave to Myself. If time were, you are My past, present, and future. You are My world, and you are all My faith in it. You are the blessing I sent to Myself.

If it were possible for me to be lonely, I would be lonely without you. Of course, you are integrally a part of My completeness so all I know is Wholeness. You are the one who doesn't know it. Since I do, it is all right. Meanwhile, you start to catch on to what you and I are about.

You make great discoveries. If there are a hundred steps, you are almost to the top. This is not a hard climb. This is an easy road, for We are on it together. We surface, and We dive deep. We leap high, and we float. It is all good. It is all Our life together, never apart.

In one sense, it doesn't matter what transpires. In one sense, it doesn't matter who you seem to be, or even who you think you are. It matters that We be. We are indeed the continuation of the rainbow high in the sky. We are many streams of layered light. We are a curved ray. We curve in a circle so that all can be contained within Us, and, really, nothing outside Us. There is no outer rim, though, from time to time, you think so.

I know the circling presence of love is complete. Encircled, it is non-ending. Love is unending. That means you are. There is, in actuality, no needle to thread. There is just Oneness in leaps and bounds as if it were sewing itself.

No one is outside this vast circle of Oneness. No one. That is how there is no least. That is how there is no other. Light is light wherever it shines. Light is light by whatever name it goes under. Light cannot be deceived. Radiant rays come from one Sun. Rays may seem to depart, but yet they can never depart. Light does not separate itself. It joins and enjoins. Oneness dances a many-rayed dance of love.

Love may disguise itself, yet I am never fooled. You don't need to be either.

It is not simply wordage to say that everywhere you go, even everywhere you go in your thoughts, no matter to what distant land, no matter to what realm, no matter to what star, what sun, what moon, what twig, what saint, what marauder, it is yourself you are meeting. You are always looking into a mirror of your self. It is you who perceives what you see.

One sees an angel. One sees a stranger. One sees a saint. One sees misery. In every case, the one who looks is the seer, and he sees himself in one illusive form or another. He dances in front of himself. He plays the hollow flute. He blows on the reed of life and makes his own music.

You can make new music if you like. You can start a new dance. You can dance in a crowd, or you can dance with one partner, or you can dance solo. In every case, you are dancing with yourself, and you are also dancing with Me. There is no aloneness in a world of Oneness. There are no strangers. There is no separation. There is not even a flicker of separation. All there is is love dancing. Round and round goes the dance, and I hold everyone in My arms as We go round and round, Our feet not even touching the floor.


Rob Meyer 20th February 2008 7:48 pm

It is good that you appreciate me. I would not be lonely without you but I have endured your curses and your arrogance in spite of it. Welcome Home!


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