HEAVEN #2645 Now you walk the Earth barefoot

Has it not been said, To find yourself you have to lose yourself. Certainly, you want to lose your ego. With less ego, you are still a Human Being doing human things, but the ego no longer holds you in its thrall. For all intents and purposes, you are done with attending to ego's whims. Ego no longer holds the importance it once did. You have stopped worshipping it. You have patted it on its head and relegated it to the past.

You lose your tiny identity that your grand association with ego gave you, and now you have no Identity but Mine. Now you are barefoot, beloveds. Your soul is bared. You have accepted it. You have accepted My hand. You let Me lead. You gratefully let Me lead you where I will.

No more thoughts of what this past little i-ness you attributed to yourself wants. Now it is all unselfconsciously, "What is next?" And you are open to what is next because you have formed a partnership with Me and made Me CEO. What is next is: "What does God want? What can I do for God Who is mySelf?" You are no longer blinded, yet you take My hand. You want Me to lead.

You do not submit, you understand. It is not even really a surrender because, at this point, you have nothing to surrender. Your will and My Will have become One Certainty of Will. You do not ask any longer, "Is this what I want?" Not at all. The self-centered wanter isn't here any longer. Oh, he may want a glass of water or to sit down, but he who is no longer cannot seek for himself because there is no longer a little self to serve.

So all your life has come to this, to this Nothingness of Fullness of the I AM.

All right, let Us say you have surrendered. What have you surrendered? You cannot even remember now, because, where you are now, you find it hard to remember what you did, indeed, let go of. You let go of the past, good riddance, and now you march to a different Drummer.

You seek to fulfill Me. You wish to give Me everything I want. And yet I am not a Wanter either. What am I? I am a Giver, and so you want to give, even though you have nothing to give. And yet your heart is full, and you give that. You open it wide and let the whole world in, and you hold it there for Me. You bare your heart. Barefoot, you give your all to Me, even though you have nothing but Me to give.

And so you have all the Treasure of the Universe, and so you have all there is to have, and so you give it away because that is the only reason to have it, and you have never been so full as now when you have nothing of yourself left. It was a selfish self you left behind. You never really wanted it. Oh, yes, once upon a time you made a big to-do over it, over what, you don't remember.

And now you walk the Earth barefoot. You have given everything away, and you give it to everyone everywhere. What you do is reach into My heart, and you give generously, not sparingly, of My heart. Be glad you have nothing, because now you don't have to hover over it and you never have to save for a rainy day either. Now everything is to give because you have turned into Me, and so you give All as I do give All, and that lovedness, Beloved. We give lovedness.


Penny Bell 21st February 2008 4:55 pm

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