HEAVEN #2648 Fledgling Angel

What a blessing you are to Me. I take comfort in you. Of course, I am speaking as if I were a Human Being who does not always have comfort. I am, of course, way beyond comfort, for I am in a state of total bliss. I know nothing else. I have no comparison to make. Yet I am sitting across from you now, speaking on your level. Here I am, God, sitting with you knee to knee, as if you were separate from Me. All this relative world is as if. Meanwhile, let Us enjoy Our tête-à-tête.

"Beloved," I say. "I take great joy in you. You fill My heart that is already full of joy with more joy. It feels sweet to Me to have you across from Me, One to one, or beside Me or within Me. The thing is, you are precious to Me. You are a boon to Me, I, Who need no boons."

"God," you say, "As I hear your words, I feel them. I feel great stirring of love in my heart. Yet I find Your words hard to believe and easy to forget."

I say to you, "That is because the world has thrust other thoughts into your mind. You have been indoctrinated with the idea that you are not really wonderful. You have been indoctrinated that you lack some qualities, and that you are less because of this. You know, My beloved, the world has not thought so well of itself. How could it love, appreciate, and uplift you as you deserve? I, on the other hand, think well of Myself, and so it is easy for Me to see you in My light and to embrace you, My beautiful child, in the totality that you really are."

You say, "But, God, You placed me here in this world of poor perception where I would not be seen as You would have me see and be seen."

I say, "Yes, you are here on Earth as an Earthling. I gave you an assignment. I asked you to find out Who you are. By living in the forest of the world, you would disentangle yourself from the underbrush and begin to see yourself as I do see you. That means you have great opportunity to see through the mist and note yourself as one who stands tall and straight as a tree. I can tell you again and again that you are love, and yet you have to discover that yourself. Through the brambles, you will begin to see.

"I say you are love, and you may think you are heartless rather than full of love. This shows how off-track you have been. The love you seek so strenuously outside you is the love you already contain, the love that you are full of, are made of, are the embodiment of.

"When you do see with eyes of love, you will see as I do see. You will see the bright light you are. You will see more than flesh and bone. You will see more than good intentions. Your heart will be lighted, and you will begin to see the Vastness that you are, that I AM, that We ARE. You will, plain and simple, begin to see with the eyes of love that always were. It is as if you had been wearing dark glasses, and now you have taken them off.

"It is like you were clad in beggar's rags one minute and then, suddenly, you are wearing the silks of a prince. Never mind what you have seen in the past. See now."

Now, beloved, I take your hand to My lips, and I place My hand on your heart, and now you will blossom and grow as a Child of God can grow. And so you do, My fledgling angel. And now you fly buoyed by your own heart. Now you encircle the world to heap blessings on it. And now you are blessed.


Lita 24th February 2008 9:39 pm

Thanks, this was timely. )


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